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Rated 5.00 out of 5
Rated 5.00 out of 5
Rated 5.00 out of 5


Are you looking for elite cannabis genetics at an affordable price? Greenpoint Seeds has a plethora of strains and genetics to choose from that will pique anyone’s interest. Our seeds are, and genetics are all bred in the United States. Our seed bank is US-based, and we ship all of our seeds from our headquarters in the USA. There’s something to offer for any garden out there, no matter your skill level. We now provide seeds from some of our favorite private breeders in the industry! Keep your eyes open because the stock is always rotating, and new seeds are listed all the time from Greenpoint Seeds, and other breeders too. Buy your cannabis seeds online from the best seed bank in the USA. Pay for your seeds immediately with your credit or debit card or send us your payment by mail. We have many payment options. Discreet billing and shipping options ensure your safety and security, and our automated dashboard tracking system keeps your peace of mind during fulfillment.

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Greenpoint Seeds is home to one of the most sought-after Stardawg Stud Males in the world.

Gu’s Stardawg Male is hung like a horse and improves on any strain it’s crossed with!.

Check out our Wild West strains and genetics today!

Greenpoint Seeds aims to be your favorite cannabis seed bank online by delivering high-quality cannabis seeds developed by some of the nation’s top breeders. Our seeds have been carefully selected from premium lineage to bring you high-quality cannabis seeds for some of the lowest prices around. Choose based on strain type, seed type, flavor, or breeder, and check out our discount options for even better deals.

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Whether you’re just getting started or are an experienced cannabis grower you can find the best seeds for your marijuana grow with just the click of a button. We specialize in both regular seeds and feminized seeds, and offer the option of bulk, and single-seed purchases to help you stock up on your favorites. Not seeing what you need? Our stock rotates frequently to keep our shelves lined with new and exciting strains, and our reverse auction feature allows you to snag those strains at an incredibly low price.

Greenpoint Seeds members can earn additional discounts for engaging in social media, signing up for the newsletter or even having a birthday! Registration alone earns a whopping 500 gold nuggets which can be used toward future purchases on top of additional discount offers. When combining discounts and membership perks, our customers can find deals unlike any other cannabis seed bank online.

Greenpoint also uses discreet billing and shipping options to ensure your packages make it to their destination every time. Our seed tracking system lets you monitor your seeds’ location at all times, and our customer service representatives are always eager to help should there be any questions or concerns.

Greenpoint knows how important your cannabis grow is and we want to help you be as successful as possible. Place your order today and get growing.

Earn Rewards When You Buy Cannabis Seeds Online!

Want more perks? Our members receive “gold nuggets” for additional discounts to be used toward future purchased. Gold nuggets can be earned for purchasing through our store, subscribing to our newsletter, leaving reviews, and interacting with us on social media. We feel this is a great way to give back to our community and encourage you to become a part of it, too.

SAVE MONEY by creating an account. We set the GOLD standard with our Gold Nuggets reward system. Earn Gold Nuggets without spending a penny and redeem them for CASH towards your next purchase. Create an account and receive 500 Gold Nuggets today! Shares on Facebook, follows on Instagram, and spending coin at the store are all ways to make yourself RICH with Gold Nuggets. Hardcore supporters can take advantage of the rules to complete their cannabis seed collection with little money down. The US is known for the best Cannabis in the world and its because of companies like us and the seeds we feature. Grow the Best Weed!

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Buy Marijuana Seeds With Reverse Auctions

Our unique reverse-auction feature allows you to track your favorite strains as their prices continually drop. The stock is limited on these deals, though, and once they’ve been purchased the opportunity to buy is gone. For those who like to gamble for the best deals on marijuana seeds online, this can be quite the nail-biting experience but boy is it worth it!

Discreet Shipping

Our seeds are packaged discreetly, shipped promptly from our warehouse. They can be tracked all the way to their destination with our seed tracker straight from your account dashboard. While awaiting your shipment, check out our blog to learn tips and tricks from the pros.

We’re so excited about our seeds and we want to make sure you are too. That’s why we’re extra careful to ensure safe, discreet shipping and billing practices for your online orders. No need to worry about the shipping of suspicious packaging; all of our orders are processed using the utmost discretion, avoiding the use of terms like “cannabis” and “marijuana” at all times. We ship our cannabis seeds discreetly.