As a cannabis seed bank in the USA operated by breeders, we pride ourselves on our premium marijuana seeds for sale. Since Greenpoint’s inception in 2014, we’ve had strict quality control over our cannabis seeds by exclusively selling seeds bred in-house. Greenpoint Seeds is made in America!

As a Colorado seed bank, we offer only the most dependable cannabis seeds for sale in the USA. With our vast selection of regular and feminized seeds, we have something unique to offer any grower. Our catalog features hybrids of today’s most popular cannabis strains, such as Purple Punch, Stardawg, and Animal Cookies.

We’ve scoured the country acquiring an extensive collection of rare, clone-only strains. We use these strains to create our unique weed strains—100% satisfaction guaranteed with our germination guarantee. We are the ultimate source of quality cannabis genetics that produce excellent marijuana strains.



Purple Diesel (East Coast Sour Diesel X Purple Punch) Cannabis Seeds
Purple Diesel feminized seeds are a rarity and descend from breeding a variety of respected cultivars. East Coast Sour Diesel (ECSD) and Purple Punch join together despite their polarizing mental effects to create pleasantly unexpected experiences. ECSD jacks you into high energy while Purple Punch soothes the body. With strong parents like Purple Punch and East Coast Sour Diesel (ECSD), Purple Diesel’s feminized seeds provide a great experience for anyone hunting for relief from pain, stress, depression, anxiety, and nausea.



No one comes close to our quality in genetics. We don’t source our seeds from overseas and repackage them as many other online cannabis seed banks do. As a US cannabis seed bank, we only sell cannabis seeds that we have created. Many other marijuana seed banks only sell seeds from other breeders. The seed banks themselves have never grown or tested the products they sell. We put all of our genetics through intensive testing, season after season, to bring you only the best cannabis seeds available.

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We have always been committed to providing rock-solid customer service. We don’t just claim to be among the most reputable seed banks in the US; our reviews on Trustpilot prove it. We make it easy to buy online with our discreet billing, fast worldwide shipping, and stellar rewards program. We are so sure that our cannabis seeds are healthy that we guarantee them. That’s right, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your order. Please check out all the best marijuana seeds and genetics we have in stock.


We make feminized seeds through the repetitive spraying of female plants with colloidal silver. The solution stimulates the growth of sacs that contain 99.99% feminized pollen. Greenpoint Seeds uses this “Clone only” pollen to breed the best feminized seeds. Tightly held “Clone only” weed strains are passed from one person to another, making them difficult to obtain. By reversing these strains, Greenpoint Seeds allows you to buy marijuana seeds online and grow these rare genetics at home. When shopping for the best feminized cannabis seeds, consider the source. Is the seed bank based in the United States? If not, your seeds might not be genuine or even feminized! Greenpoint Seeds is a marijuana seed bank based in the USA and owned by breeders. Our female seeds come with a germination guarantee. Buy quality cannabis seeds from an online seed bank in the US. With stealth shipping and guaranteed delivery, you’ll love growing marijuana from Greenpoint Seeds. When shopping for feminized marijuana seeds online, buy stable genetics with diverse terpene and cannabinoid content at Greenpoint Seeds. We’ve had quality feminized seeds for sale since 2014.


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$19.00$77.00 + Free Shipping
$19.00$77.00 + Free Shipping


We’ve earned a reputation for breeding excellent regular seeds. Greenpoint’s Stardawg stud has proven time and time again to produce elite medical marijuana that is frosty and flavorful. Suppose you’d like to find a reliable keeper strain, discover unique phenotypes, or breed your cannabis strains. In that case, our regular strains are the way to go. As the most dependable US seed bank, we pride ourselves on our marijuana strains and customer service. Shop our wide selection of traditional varieties and start growing great Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains in America. We aim to be your favorite cannabis seed bank online by delivering high-quality cannabis seeds. Our strains have been carefully selected from premium lineage to bring you high-quality cannabis seeds for a great price. Choose based on strain type, seed type, flavor, or breeder, and check out our discount options for even better deals.


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Best US Seed Bank

The only quality marijuana seeds for sale in the USA come from Greenpoint Seeds. Your purchase is backed by a satisfaction guarantee that extends to a germination guarantee.

We have a dedicated customer support team. Our customer support team consists of genuine customer service professionals, all located within the USA.

Our customer support manager has over 20 years of experience in making people happy. No other seed bank in the US has a dedicated support team like ours. We won the industry’s Best Customer Service in 2021.

Colorado USA Seed Bank

Shop Cannabis seeds from Colorado. We breed our weed strains in Colorado from American genetics. We painstakingly select and breed our marijuana seeds in Colorado and refuse to purchase in bulk from Spain as other seed banks often do. Greenpoint Seeds is guaranteed to be exclusive seeds from Colorado that are bred, produced, and shipped from the United States.

US cannabis seed bank Greenpoint Seeds at cannabis cup San Bernardino.
Cannabis Cup attendee enjoying dabs of Copper Chem #10 live resin. A strain bred by US cannabis seed bank Greenpoint Seeds.

US Seed Bank that accepts Credit Card

Greenpoint Seeds is a Denver seed bank in Colorado that makes buying seeds with your credit card easy. Pay for your order with a credit card, debit card, crypto, cash, check, or money order. Discreet billing and shipping options ensure your safety, security, and peace of mind during fulfillment.

Buy Cannabis Seeds USA

Support USA seed breeders making weed seeds in the USA. We are an American seed breeder and reviewed as one of the best USA seed banks 2021 on Trustpilot. As a US seed breeder, we do not purchase our products as “white-labels,” and repackage and sell them. We do all the breeding in-house to create the best weed seeds for your cultivation center.

How Do We Compare to Popular Seed Banks?

Seed Bank Shipping

As a Colorado USA Seed Bank, we are in the middle of the country. We ship to the USA because we are in the USA. We are not based in the Netherlands like other seed banks. We are a North American seed bank.

Our central location ensures the fast arrival of your seeds. Our seed bank is US-based, and we ship all orders from our headquarters in the USA.

Free Shipping

Customers located in the United States receive free shipping on every order. Turning around orders is no easy task, but a commitment to excellence means we need to raise the bar even higher. We are the only online seed bank to offer free shipping on every order. We promise to get your order out within 24 hours with a tracking number included.

Discreet Shipping

Our cannabis seeds are packaged discreetly and shipped promptly from our warehouse. That’s why we’re extra careful to ensure safe, discreet shipping and billing practices for your online orders.

Worrying about the shipping of suspicious packaging is old news. All of our orders are processed using the utmost discretion, avoiding the use of terms like “cannabis” at all times. We ship weed seeds discreetly.

New Genetics are Free Marijuana Seeds

New releases are distributed to “Testers” before their official release. Testers are responsible for evaluating the growth, harvest, and potency of new genetics. We are constantly releasing new and exciting strains.

To help expedite the release of these products, we’ve enlisted the help of noteworthy and upcoming cannabis community members. Through our newsletter, we make available the new products to the most loyal members.

Tomahawk strain by US Cannabis seed bank Greenpoint Seeds
Flowering Tomahawk strain in large medical marijuana cultivation in Puerto Rico. Sold by US cannabis seed bank Greenpoint Seeds.

We are among the most reputable weed seed banks in the US because we breed our seeds.

We have more 5-star reviews than any other seed bank in the USA. As a USA-based seed bank in 2020, we reached over 3000 five-star product reviews on our website alone.

Our secret weapon to our success is our tight hold on quality control. We only sell cannabis seeds that we create ourselves, using strains we have collected and perfected. We love breeding cannabis, and that passion seeps right through into our beans.

Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Our first release of auto flowering strains will arrive in the Summer of 2022. We choose to breed our auto flowering seeds from scratch and not use the watered-down genetic pool of cannabis ruderalis. Growing autoflowers from Greenpoint Seeds will be unlike any others before them. We will select testers from the subscribers of the newsletter first.

Buy Marijuana Seeds Online With Ease!

Greenpoint Seeds Marijuana Seed Bank in the USA: Buy cannabis seeds online in the USA. Our seeds are easy to grow and will help you love growing marijuana. As an American cannabis seed bank we sell USA marijuana seeds from Denver. You can find a plethora of strains for your cultivation operation with just the click of a button.

Cheap Marijuana Seeds USA

Our Member-level discounts and frequent sales allow users to buy cheap pot seeds often. So please don’t gamble with cheap seeds from overseas; there are plenty of opportunities to buy inexpensive seeds from us. As a 420 seed bank, we offer seeds for any budget.