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Greenpoint Seeds Shipping Time

At Greenpoint, our core business is prompt delivery of quality cannabis seeds to our customers. For smooth operations, take time and understand our shipping time policies.

We ship cannabis seeds worldwide. No matter where you are, placing your orders with Greenpoint is easy and convenient. To view your order’s status, log into your account, and check under the ‘My Account’ section.

As soon as you place your order, we work on it promptly, within 48 hours after receiving your payment. However, we do not process orders or ship on weekends and holidays. Once we receive your order, we ship it discreetly via US regular mail. Expect delivery within a maximum of 7 business days, excluding weekends.

For all backorder items, it may take some time before the items are back in stock. Please wait for our email notification stating the items are back in stock. They should get to you in a short while, ideally within 7 business days.

Please pay for your order before shipping. You will see the amount payable in the invoice as you check out in the cart. The pricing is well explained and transparent, and you can also take advantage of our great discounts to fill your cart.

All shipping costs are paid separately. We currently don’t have a method of combining orders, but we will soon have it in place. However, if you place multiple orders, send one payment tranche for all the orders and save on transaction fees.

Do not send your payment certified mail via the USPS Certified Mail and the USPS Priority Express as they require a signature during pickup and may be returned to you. For a tracking number, consider using the red envelope of the USPS Priority Mail. Expect delivery within 3 days.

In all our dealings, write the letters ‘GPS’ on the envelope. Avoid writing Greenpoint or Greenpoint Seeds. Always bear in mind it’s a discreet operation from start to finish, guaranteeing your privacy and security.

Shipping Time for Cannabis Seeds: All you Need to Know about Greenpoint Shipping Policies

Shipping time for cannabis seeds from a seed bank is a meticulous activity that demands the highest standards of care. Besides the legal issues you have to navigate, it is also vital to understand that the quality of the end product hinges on the seeds’ quality. With Greenpoint, shipping cannabis seeds is a critical activity for our business and, most importantly, our customer.

Shipping Cannabis Seeds: What to Look for in a Seed Bank

Not every seed bank you see online is reliable in the delivery of quality cannabis seeds. The cannabis industry has fallen prey to scammers who overstate what they can deliver but fall short every single time. Knowing what to look for in a seed bank shopping policy is critical in choosing your reliable supplier. Here are the top features of a reliable seed bank.

Greenpoint seeds shipping time
Customer’s comments about shipping time

Timely Delivery of Order

When you place your order for cannabis seeds from a seed bank, you want the seeds to get to you fast. However, many things may happen in between that delay the arrival of your order. With Greenpoint shipping, we assign the most convenient delivery means to ensure you get your order in the shortest time possible.

Precision of Order

Cannabis seeds are sensitive since they determine the kind of plants you will grow. There are different varieties of seeds available at Greenpoint, and we ensure you only get what you order. We always take maximum care to avoid mixing up during packaging and moving, which could lead you to get the wrong order.

Shipping to the Right Address

Delivering the cannabis seeds to the wrong address can be a real nightmare to both the sender and the receiver. Many things could go wrong; the parcel could land at the address of law enforcement agencies. Blowing the cover of cannabis seed discreet shipping arrangements is a severe knock-on to the industry. Greenpoints’ shipping time solves wrong addresses issues, ensuring that cannabis growers continue their activities on the beat and under the radar.

Keeping Shipping Costs Low

Shipping costs can be substantial depending on the weight of your order. Losing your parcel doubles the cost with the additional costs of follow-ups. With Greenpoint shipping, you can track your order from the store to your address without incurring additional costs. You can also pay for multiple orders with a single payment.

For all your cannabis seed orders and shipping, Greenpoint is your trusted partner. Contact us today.