Where and how do I mail my payment?

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A stamped letter with the money folded in-between one sheet of paper is the easiest most acceptable way. If you’d like to get a tracking number it will ensure the ability to work through any issues, which rarely occur.

Quick Notes

USPS Certified Mail® (the green envelopes) and USPS Priority Express® (the blue envelopes) are NOT to be used. These require a signature during pickup and may be returned to you.

If you’d like a tracking number, use USPS Priority Mail® (the red envelopes). This costs around $6 and ensures delivery in 2-3 days.

Please do not write “Greenpoint Seeds” or “Greenpoint” on anything. “GPS” should instead be used on the outside of the envelope.

Paying with money order? Leave the “Pay To” line blank. Writing anything else may require you to void the check and issue a new one before it is accepted.

Sending from outside the USA? Please do not send payments using any mail method that requires a signature at pickup (it will be returned). You may use any tracking you’d like as long as no signature is required.

We recommend that you track all payments you send whether you’re sending domestically or internationally.

Thanks for the support!