Types of Cannabis Seeds

Types of Cannabis Seeds: Get All the Info Here

Types of seeds come into play whenever the growing season approaches. Growers need proper planning that takes into account the purpose of the crop, where they live, and their level of knowledge to determine the best seed for their venture. Choosing the most suitable seed may never be a walk in the park, but a careful analysis of the pros and cons of each type can help cannabis farmers make the best choice.

Types of Cannabis Seeds and their Pros and Cons

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds can do well for old-school cannabis growers who have no interest in interfering with the natural growth and development of the plant. These seeds produce both male and female plants, and growers can’t manipulate their sex.


  • Growers have control over the start of the flowering period, thus, getting the ability to control yields.
  • Can clone easily to create new specimens.
  • Farmers can extend the vegetation stage to increase yields and create bigger and more plants.


  • Regular seeds have 2 – 3 weeks slower harvest cycles
  • Changing light cycles can be trickier
  • Lower yields because growers have no control over the sex of the plants – farmers may have to get rid of a larger percentage of the yield if it consists of only males

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds have flourished over the years, relegating their regular counterparts to a mere 10% of the market. They are the result of an increasing need for the development of female plants that arose in the late 90s. Though they suffered instability, since some resultant plants would be hermaphroditic, and quality problems, in their early stages, feminized seeds have ameliorated in quality, yields, and flavor.


  • Cost-effective since they guarantee 100% female crops
  • No need to worry about forgetting to remove the males or failing to notice them since the guarantee of female plants is 100%
  • Save on cultivation space.


  • No male plants, hence, they are not appropriate for growers who want to produce seeds for new specimens.


Auto-flowering cannabis seeds emerged in 2008 as an apt alternative for the less experienced growers since they take less time to flower compared to feminized or regular seeds. Also, auto-flowering seeds need less care than their regular or feminized counterparts. But their quality has been improving over time, catching up with their non-flowering cousins with regard to flavor, aroma. They have since become a worthy alternative even for the most experienced cannabis farmers who have also feminized them in the process.


  • They take the shortest time to flower, roughly two and half months before growers can harvest them.
  • Compared to the non-auto seeds, they are easier to manage since they are smaller in size, and farmers can grow them in discrete places such as the balcony and terraces.
  • They can grow both indoors and outdoors, hence, not necessary to change their photoperiod as they do it on their own.


  • Since they are smaller in size, they produce lower yields per plant.

CBD-Rich Seeds

In vogue today is the ubiquitous, whose fame is spreading across the globe like a wildfire.CBD, possesses many therapeutical qualities. CBD-rich seeds that produce cannabis play an immense role in helping people suffering from insomnia, multiple sclerosis, and stress. It also provides a flexible alternative to users who need a more sustainable recreational consumption of the plant in the course of their daily activities. Both feminized and auto-flowering types of seeds are rich in CBD.


  • Many therapeutic properties such as stimulating the body’s response to pain, stress, and anxiety.
  • Suppressed convulsive activity in patients prone to convulsions
  • Reduces nausea and vomiting
  • Fights neurodegenerative disorders



Growers need to analyze the different types of seeds before choosing that plant to grow on their farms. Not that some seeds may be better than others, but it depends on what each grower wants to achieve, the prevailing conditions, and the extent of the knowledge and skills of each farmer.

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