Seed Types

Unearth the Ideal Strain for Your Cannabis Journey

Looking for something specific in your cannabis grow? Dive into our comprehensive guide to cannabis seed traits. From potency and yield to resistance and unique genetics, find exactly what you’re after. Explore the range now.

Exotic Cannabis: Rare Breeds for Unique Needs

Bored of the mainstream? Meet our exotic cannabis strains with flavors and effects you won’t find at your local dispensary. Discover the Unusual


Sativa Strains: Elevate Your Senses

Looking for a cerebral high or a touch of creativity? Our **Sativa strains** will lift you up. Soar Higher

Colorful Cannabis: Bag Appeal that Pops

Make your buds the talk of the sesh with vibrant hues. Dive into our colorful cannabis strains. See the Spectrum

F2 Seeds: A Pheno Hunter’s Paradise

Craving diversity in your grow? Our F2 seeds offer a wide range of unique phenotypes. Unearth Hidden Gems

Hardy Strains: Resilience in Every Bud

New grower or seasoned vet, these hardy strains provide a generous error margin. Grow with Confidence

High Cannabinoid Strains: Peak Potency

Go for the gold with strains high in cannabinoids. These are bred for maximum impact. Reach for the Sky

High-Yield Strains

High-Yield Strains: More Bang for Your Bud

From gardeners to growers, our high-yield strains make every harvest count. Maximize Your Yield



Indica Strains: The Chill Factor

Seeking couch-lock and tranquility? Get mellow with our Indica strains. Embrace the Chill


Mold-Resistant Strains

Mold-Resistant Strains: Say No to Bud Rot

Don’t let fungus kill your buzz. Check out these mold-resistant strains. Grow Rot-Free

Pest-Resistant Strains

Pest-Resistant Strains: A Creepy-Crawly Free Zone

Protect your green with pest-resistant strains that give pests the cold shoulder. Guard Your Garden


S1 Cannabis Seeds

S1 Seeds: Genetics, Preserved

Hold on to those rare, clone-only beauties with S1 seeds. Preserve the Legacy

Tester Seeds

Tester Seeds: Taste the Future

Be the first to experience our next-gen tester seeds. Get the Inside Scoop


CBD Strains: The High Without the High

Looking for a mellow vibe without the mental fog? Our CBD strains deliver relaxation without the intoxication. Explore CBD Strains