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Berry Prankster

Berry Prankster is the result of a playful yet deliberate combination of Joker Juice’s sweet berry nuances and Animal Cookies‘ genetic backbone. Expertly crafted by Greenpoint Seeds, Berry Prankster stands out for its vigorous growth and adaptability across diverse growing conditions. This strain is known for producing lush, vibrant plants that culminate in harvests rich with fragrant, trichome-laden flowers. The buds express a symphony of berry and pastry-like aromas, making Berry Prankster a choice selection for those seeking complexity and depth in their herbal experience.

In Testing: These seeds are currently in testing. This pre-release is for those who don’t want to wait and need to have the newest genetics asap.

Born-on date: March 2024

photo: Joker Juice strain by it’s breeder rambos_cousin

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