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Sherbet Strain

Sherbet, also known as Sunset Sherbet, is one of the most coveted cannabis strains around, and for good reason. This fruity, frosty, Indica-dominant hybrid offers a delectable terpene profile, unrivaled bag appeal, and exceptional potency. The Sherbet strain forms big, beautiful buds that will have any marijuana lover begging for more.

Sherbet Strain History

Sherbet’s history began in 2011, when two California-based breeders, Sherbinski and Jigga, first encountered each other through one of Sherbinski’s kickboxing pupils. Jigga and Sherbinski quickly formed a friendship, and they began working on a cannabis-breeding program together.

Jigga gathered some pollen from his Burmese Blackberry Kush and used it to fertilize Sherbinski’s OG Kush. The resulting hybrid, dubbed “Pink Panties,” offered tremendous potency and flavor but had a low yield. Despite the lackluster bud production, Sherbinski continued to grow one of the Pink Panties plants in his garden.

This plant proved to be a male, and before Sherbinski could remove it from the garden, it fertilized Jigga’s prized Thin Mint Cookies cut. Despite Sherbinski’s frustration about the unintentional pollination, he decided to sprout some of the seeds. The most coveted strain in recent years emerged from one of these seeds: Sunset Sherbet.

Sherbet has since established itself as a must-have strain from the Cookies Family and is loved by medical and recreational consumers alike. Countless cannabis breeders have used the famed Sunset Sherbet to produce exotic and tasty hybrids.

Sherbet Strain Info 

Sherbet is a powerful hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. This unique marijuana cultivar brings out the best characteristics of each parent strain. Sherbet unites the superior trichome production and exotic color of Girl Scout Cookies with the distinctive aroma and flavor of Pink Panties.

Sherbet is a 70-30 Indica-dominant hybrid. This means that it will have noticeable psychoactive effects, combined with calming, muscle-relaxing properties. Its hybrid heritage is apparent in the strain’s structure, growing to medium size and forming big, dense buds.

Sherbet’s nugs are colorful and sticky, featuring bright orange hairs with dark green leaves. The strain’s medium- to large-size flowers are coated in an extra-frosty glaze, oozing with amber resin glands.

Sherbet Strain Review

From its rich genetic background, Sunset Sherbet offers a mouthwatering terpene profile. This strain emits notes of freshly squeezed fruit juice (be it orange, grapefruit, or lemon) with an added kick of sour skunk. This is not your average candy-flavored cannabis strain; these buds are sweet but still pack a punch! It’s the perfect fruity medley against the backdrop of a musky pine forest.

The high from Sunset Sherbet is a creeper, not an instant hit. It starts with a cerebral head change that will make thinking and talking difficult for the first five minutes or so. You’ll feel a sense of elation flood over your body, providing you with an immense amount of relaxation. The long-lasting effects of this strain are perfect for those who want to ease pain and tension throughout the body.

Growing the Sherbet Strain

Sunset Sherbet is a fairly simple strain to cultivate, especially for indoor growers. This variety performs best in a warm, sunny climate, with low to moderate levels of humidity.

Sherbet is a moderate- to heavy-feeding strain. It responds well when given plenty of nitrogen in the vegetative cycle, and phosphorous and potassium during flowering. Soil or hydro? It doesn’t matter much. However, the plant will need a long vegetative cycle (8-10 weeks) before it’s ready to produce large, dense colas.

Buy Sherbet Seeds

Sunset Sherbet is an elite cannabis strain with an aristocratic pedigree. This hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties is sure to wow you with its exquisite coloration and its delicious terpene profile. The strain is easy to grow, making it a good choice for beginning cannabis growers. Its balanced effects and complex flavor make it a favorite among medical and recreational cannabis users.

Greenpoint Seeds offers a variety of Sherbet hybrids that retain the coveted characteristics of this exceptional strain.


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