Indica Hybrid Seeds

Indica Hybrid Seeds

Indica is a great strain if you’re looking to chill out. The hybrid part is down to the inclusion of Sativa which is going to give you a more with a bit of a tropical twist to its flavor! There are plenty of Indica-dom hybrid seeds out there such as Blueberry Muffin, Girl Scout Cookies, Cookies Kush, and Strawberry Glue.

Origins and Make-up

Indica hybrid seeds are a combination of Indica and Sativa cannabis genes. It gives you the best of both worlds, although some seeds will produce plants dominated by an Indica look and feel, while others can exhibit more Sativa properties. Indicas can be shorter, with broader leaves. Sativas can be taller, with narrow leaves, and less compact buds. With creative breeding, you can get Indica hybrid seeds with the best traits of both Indica and Sativa cannabis. Sometimes, hybrid seeds are designed to increase the percentage.

Indica Hybrid seed types

Male to female ratios in cannabis seeds means how much of a male plant and how much of a female plant you’ve got in a pack of seeds. Usually, the ratio’s going to land about 50/50 with maybe an extra male or an extra female seed. However, the packs that are feminized will get 100% female seeds.

Photoperiodic seeds flower once daylight hours decline or increase beyond a certain point. Auto-flowering seeds flower pretty quickly, meaning a big harvest!

Look and Flavor

Since Indica plants have a short, bushy appearance with wide leaves and Sativa have the opposite, you can expect a variety of different looks with Indica hybrid cannabis.

As for the flavor, many describe Indica hybrid cannabis as having a tropical taste. However, the specifics will vary a lot depending on the actual strain. So, take blueberry muffin for example, with this, you’ll get a sort of blueberry, cakey taste that’s even a bit herbal and spicy too. Motor Punch, a heavy-hitting Indica-dom strain features a citrusy, peppery flavor with a grape and herb twang. Girl Scout Cookies meanwhile have a herbal, peppery, and citrusy touch to them. Cookies Kush is described as sweet, herbal, earthy, and minty in flavor. Strawberry Glue’s smell and taste meanwhile are often seen as combining that of berry and strawberry. Overall, they are usually described as tasting sweet.

Growing and Flowering

You’re looking at about 8-10 weeks of growing before Indica hybrids complete flowering. If you’re growing outdoors, then the blossom time is usually going to be around September or October, depending on the strain. Once it flowers, you’ll witness its wide range of terpenes, bud appearance, and compact growth structure. You probably won’t find that your hybrid plants end up too tall or short, given the nature of combining the traits of both Indica and Sativa cannabis. Hybrids generally grow with mid-sized internodal space between them. They’ll stretch but not too much after your lighting times switch to a 12/12 day-to-night ratio.

Ideally, these hybrid cannabis should enjoy a heavy yield per their Indica-dom traits as well as having a relatively short bloom time. The Sativa element is more important for the high and flavors and will provide benefits on this front that you’ll miss out on with 100% Indica cannabis.

Growing Conditions of Indica Hybrid Seeds

So, how do you grow Indica hybrid seeds? Hybrids are tough to create unless you have the seeds premade for you. The options are Stable Seed, Unstable Steed, and clone-only. Unstable Seeds aren’t easy to come by because of how unpredictable they are. Strain specifics matter when it comes to growing Indica hybrid seeds, so you should check out what we have to say about your favorite Indica-dom hybrid cannabis across our website. Some hybrid seeds fare best in warm conditions but plenty will still cope in cooler environments throughout the northern hemisphere.


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