Greenpoint Seeds Germination Guarantee Policy

Greenpoint Seeds is committed to providing high-quality cannabis seeds with a germination guarantee that stands as a testament to our confidence in our products. However, this guarantee has limitations and cannot be applied in every scenario. This comprehensive policy outlines the circumstances under which you may or may not be eligible for a germination guarantee claim.

Eligibility for Germination Guarantee

Conditions for Eligibility

To be eligible for the germination guarantee, you must fulfill the following conditions:

Scenarios and Policy Guidelines

Below are specific scenarios in which a customer may or may not be eligible for a germination guarantee:

1. First-Time Purchasing the Seeds

Eligible for one-time replacement only.

2. Multiple Failed Germination

Not eligible if more than one batch of seeds fail to germinate, as this suggests issues with your germination method.

3. Purchase Through Third-Party Sellers

Not eligible unless purchase is verified through

4. Sale Items

Not eligible for replacement.

5. Use of Unrecommended Germination Methods

Not eligible.

6. Seeds Stored for Over a Year

Not eligible as we cannot guarantee germination after such an extended period.

7. Seeds Exposed to Extreme Conditions

Not eligible if seeds were stored in extreme heat, cold, or humidity.

Claiming Your Guarantee

To claim your germination guarantee, please contact our Customer Service along with:

  • Proof of purchase.
  • Details of your germination method.
  • Photos, where applicable.

For more details on best germination practices, check out this credible source.

Greenpoint Seeds reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. We appreciate your understanding.