Cannabis Vegetative Cycle

Cannabis Vegetative Cycle - Growing Marijuana

The cannabis vegetative cycle is an exciting part of your plant’s life. You have just conquered germinating your seeds, and the seedling stage in your cannabis grow. Now its time for the vegetation stage, also known as “veg” or “vegging.” During the vegetation cycle, your plant growth accelerates and can grow up to five inches in just a single day. Because of this rapid growth, you must ensure that your cannabis plants are getting the right nutrients and plenty of water.


Supplying nitrogen to your plants during this cycle is vital and helps provide your cannabis with the protein and chlorophyll needed throughout the cannabis vegetative cycle. Depending on the way your grow is set up and how you feed your plants, there are tons of way to monitor, balance and boost your plant’s nitrogen levels.

Cannabis Vegetative Cycle Lighting

Make sure you are using the proper lighting throughout the vegetative cycle. Many cannabis grow lights have a vegetation mode (or switch) built-in to give you the best-optimized lighting spectrum for your cannabis plant during this cycle. Make sure to research your lights before buying them.

Color Spectrum Effects - Growing Cannabis
Color Spectrum Effects – Growing Cannabis

Cannabis Vegetation Cycle Length

The length of your cannabis plants vegetative cycle will depend on the genetics of the seeds you have chosen to grow. In most cases, if everything gets done right and your plants are healthy, the cannabis plants veg cycle should last somewhere between two and three weeks. This timeframe can vary depending on a lot of external factors. If you are introducing any special training techniques for your plants, this time may be extended depending on the methods used. If you are utilizing any special methods, make sure to follow the guide that comes with them.

Photoperiod: 18-24 Hours Of Light Per Day

What’s Next?

If you are ready to start flowering your cannabis plants, please move on to the Cannabis Flowering Cycle.