Why Do Your Seed Prices Vary?

Why do our seed prices vary? The simple answer is supply and demand. I price seeds lower when I have hundreds of packs. I price seeds higher when I have tens of packs. The price has nothing to do with the quality of the final product. Our seeds are fire, plain and simple.

For example, I currently have only 40 packs left of the Fritter Cookies. So it goes to the top of the price sheet. With Texas Toasted, I have about 700 packs. It goes to the bottom of the price sheet.

I should note that some plants produce more seeds than others—such as the Gelato. Gelato is also a popular strain. Some produce less, like the MAC 1. In this example, the Gelato would be priced significantly lower than the Mac seeds if harvested at the same time.

Periodically, I will adjust the prices of the seeds to reflect current stock levels.

Why Are Your Seeds Less Expensive Than Your Competition’s?

Three main reasons why our seeds are less expensive than other breeders:

  1. We sell directly: We actually make the seeds we sell. Then sell them directly to you, like a mom-and-pop shop.
  2. Our margins are realistic – We make about 25 to 35 percent profit on the seeds we sell. Still compared to publicly traded companies but super-duper low compared to our competitors.
  3. We keep costs low—I’m good at business.



Comment of the day:

“It’s like they’re trying to retire off every sale,”—a Greenpoint customer remarking about other breeder prices.

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16 thoughts on “Why Do Your Seed Prices Vary?

      • Chris Dawson says:

        If everyone plays it smart they can get every single pack for the low low I got around 30 packs and I’ve never paid over 25 bucks for a pack of seeds from greenpoint if I did it wasn’t much more hell just the other day I got texas chem for 10 then a few days later got copper chem for like 12 bucks they give u all the tools to get cheap seeds if your not smart enough to get them at a low price then u truly got some issues I love greenpoint best customer service in the game not to mention some fire ass crosses I’m currently trying to get all the stardawg crosses I like

        • The Real Bud Karma says:

          I used to get great deals when they had better prices, as you bought more and more product. Was going to be in The Diamond Club. Spending over $1,500, or $2,000(?), And as a Gold member, one step down, I’d receive testers!
          Then everything really changed..? In my account says One order, with at least 20-30 orders no longer available, or anything promised to those previous Diamond/Gold Members don’t exist anymore..?
          I was told they were in a process so those who broke their bank account on GP’s Excellent Seeds, would still have special advantages.
          Emails and phone calls, always very friendly, but confused me.
          I’ll try and go to checkout to see if I’m still a valued customer customer with a discount, or back to the drawing board..?
          Great beans with some incredibly Trichy buds like few I’ve seen!
          Spending $2,000 and not having that info available, and instead, only one $15 order on record. Least expensive pack I’ve ever bought.
          Site’s seemed to totally changed, and not for the better,.
          I’ll try Dubstep again. Incredible plant, and I’d love to get some more!
          Several months since using Discord, when big spenders got no more testers or discounts, and had to do a lottery type, almost impossible to. “Win” a free tester anymore.
          I was told by Jean something new was taking it’s place and longtime buyers wouldn’t lose their advantages.
          It’s been several months and I’ve heard nothing back..?
          I’ll take an order to checkout and see if drops in price in invoice. Some may know “The new deal”, but haven’t heard a thing..?
          Let’s see if I really was a Diamond members, and now a nobody..? I hate to imagine something’s up.
          Hopefully, we’ll the discount, etc, etc.

          • John Kisida says:

            Thats on line shopping sorry you got lost in there systime as I was chatting whi a seed bank and because a deal went wrong ws going to send me 8 seesd insteaad I fooced her an was inviter to some difered thing tjhen ws denyed due to no cell sevice so I bought 6 seeds here and regret it for I have no clue of the capability and sue=re hope there all 20 % or above a si have no time to grow week and just bought Wild Green giant all fem 6 seed on sale for 15 bucks , and they have the reak Grandday purple 6 seeds for 32.50 all fem and free shipping too with level of 25-29 % so I do hope I am not spending my money on low levals and still couious as to why the YHC level is t mentined here , Oh well . Life is to short to be buying someting unknown and only did it becues I got a discount from last buy and it said I only had till the end of the monthes , and wonder why only 12 days abd not at least 30 days would be fair for I have not received my first order yet so I will see and hope ther a good prommising high strain.

      • Eddie22556 says:

        One day they are $100 when they have 4 left. And $21 when they have 500 packages. It’s so they are not selling u old stock . Not the government . Smart is not always dangerous.

    • [email protected] says:

      So at check out it says a subtotal ,s do i hve to enter all my info to see if there are shipping charges. I also do not see ant THC% potentuals, so now this 123 check out is not happing here or i would see full price , not just a subtotal, like all the reast . . Last night I finnaly found a site who was straught up with price THC value and 44 bucks no hidden fees : then as I was checking out , THIS WEBSUITE Some how bloked me and I founfd myself herte , and havrn searching for the saite tht was most trustfull ships fast.

  1. Myleroy7 says:

    I love reading everything Green Point. The honesty is amazing. I hope it is also contagious. Gu seems like everybodys cool uncle. When I am with Green Point Seeds I am with family. Peace

  2. Francisco Peot says:

    I love greenpoint for the reverse auction options. It gives you a chance to get seeds daily at a sale price. Not to mention it’s fun. I agree with other people, you don’t owe any explanation, but the fact that you read your reviews and address them is way more than other companies do. I think I’ve received like 10 packs of seeds or more from greenpoint seeds and I’m still waiting for 3 packs of seeds from another company. The other company’s customer service is horrible.

  3. ObiJuanGrows says:

    Keeping the supply fresh. This is just another reason why GPS has become a favorite. Around 5 packs in and I’ve yet to find a dud. All the seeds grew into healthy, potent, and good yielding plants at a fraction of costs of other beans. Reverse Auction keeps a good rotation of affordable and fire genetics. Keep killing it!

  4. Beverley Alverson says:

    i am a relatively new grower…1st time i bought “beans”, it was from another co.; 5 “beans”- $89…only 2 germinated, and the company sent me replacements; only 1 has made it to 5 weeks past germination, and its still “iffy”…the strain was grandaddy purple. then i tried greenpoint, and have bought 3 different strain; zdawg (regulars by my error), lemon frosting and purple canyon…so far, i have a total of 5 growing plants from gps…so, my main source of “beans will be from gps…oh, i absolutely LOVE the reverse auctions!!!!

  5. Capndank says:

    Greenpoint is the most on-point seed bank I’ve ever dealt with. Their business model is superior with reverse auctions and always reasonable prices for the very top tier of cannabis cultivars in 2023. Try to find other Cookies crosses for these prices. There is no elitist attitude you sometimes encounter with other banks when asking basic questions. Finally, if that wasn’t enough to set the company apart, the Greenpoint community can be found on Discord. This amazing, one-of-a-kind resource includes grow diaries and feedback on every single strain available from seed to harvest! You can interact with growers/breeders willing to help out where they can answering Qs. This Greenpoint microcosm is one of a kind. I don’t think I’d dutifully and regularly drop money anywhere else for genetics, there is no need. Consequently, my personal seed bank is growing and looking delectable to myself and others thanks to GPS. Highly recommended- tell a friend!

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