Tester Seeds

We’re always developing new cannabis strains here at Greenpoint Seeds. With our extensive library of clone-only cultivars, we create exclusive hybrids you won’t find anywhere else. And to ensure that our strains are of the highest quality, we distribute tester seeds before officially releasing them to the public. If you’d like to get your hands on the latest crosses before they hit the market, you’re in the right place.

What Are Tester Seeds?

Genetics can sometimes be unpredictable. On rare occasions, a breeder will cross two potent and flavorful strains only to produce subpar offspring. That’s why the best cannabis breeders test their seeds before releasing them.

Tester seeds allow breeders to determine what traits a parent strain will pass on to its progeny. They also provide growers peace of mind knowing that the seeds they’re cultivating have been carefully vetted. By not growing seeds that have been thoroughly tested, growers run the risk of producing a lackluster harvest.

How Do We Test Our Seeds?

The Greenpoint Seeds team has recruited qualified growers from around the country to test our cannabis seeds. Testers are expected to monitor their plants closely and provide detailed grow reports and photos of each strain. They offer in-depth information about the growth traits, potency, and terpene profile of every plant.

During the testing phase, we keep an eye out for high rates of mutations, hermaphroditism, and other undesirable traits such as low potency, low terpene content, or poor germination rates. If a strain is found to display one or more of these unfavorable qualities consistently, we won’t officially release the seeds.

How Can I Become a Tester?

If you’d like to know when tester seeds become available, subscribe to our newsletter. We’ll notify you whenever a new strain drops. To become a tester, join our Discord server and register for one of our tester giveaways.

Once you’ve been selected as a tester, find the thread for the strain on our Discord and start documenting your grow. Note that we ask that you germinate your seeds as soon as possible so as not to prolong the testing period.

Shop Our Tester Seeds Today

For those that don’t want to wait for the official release of a new strain, we offer pre-releases of our tester seeds. Below you’ll find the latest cannabis genetics still in the testing phase.

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