Los Angeles

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Los Angeles captures the essence of Californian cannabis culture by blending Platinum Lemon Cherry Gelato with the legendary Animal Cookies strain. This Greenpoint Seeds creation pays homage to the state’s pioneering spirit in cannabis breeding, offering a strain that excels in growth vigor and resilience. Los Angeles is characterized by its rapid flowering times and the ability to produce high-quality yields that are both visually striking and aromatic. The resulting herb dazzles with a rich palette of citrus and sweet undertones, encapsulating the sunny disposition of its namesake city.

In Testing: These seeds are currently in testing. This pre-release is for those who don’t want to wait and need to have the newest genetics asap.

Born-on date: March 2024

photo: Platinum Lemon Cherry Gelato buds by Kvitrifn

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Lush Los Angeles strain buds in a glass jar, under soft light.
Los Angeles
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