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Fire OG Strain

Fire OG has been one of the hottest strains in the cannabis scene for many years. This potent cultivar is widely considered to be one of the finest phenotypes of OG Kush on the market.

Medical and recreational marijuana users alike are amazed by this strain, both for its ability to produce an uplifting and relaxing high and for its robust, earthy flavor. Growers adore this cultivar for its fast flowering time and solid yield. If you’re looking for the ultimate Kush strain, Fire OG may be the one for you.

Fire OG Strain History

Fire OG is a particularly potent phenotype of the OG Kush cannabis strain that debuted in the early 1990s. Many growers believe this cultivar is either an S1 of OG Kush or a hybrid of OG Kush and another strain.

Fire OG made its first appearance in California and was made popular in online forums by renowned cannabis breeder OG Raskal. The strain soon earned a reputation as being one of the most flavorful and potent cuts of OG Kush available.

OG Raskal made several Fire OG hybrids, such as White Fire OG and Fire Alien Kush, further popularizing the strain. Today, this cultivar is a favorite among consumers, and breeders worldwide have used the strain to create elite OG hybrids.

Fire OG Strain Info

Fire OG is an Indica-dominant variety that descends from the classic OG Kush strain. Although OG Kush is one of the most popular strains on the market, its origins are unknown. Many growers believe that OG Kush is a hybrid of Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush; however, others believe it is a descendant of Chemdawg. Either way, it is an extraordinary phenotype that has achieved legendary status.

Fire OG Strain Review 

Fire OG is a highly aromatic strain with a robust terpene profile. The smell varies from earthy pine to spicy diesel, with strong citrus notes. Its classic OG Kush flavor makes Fire OG a favorite among Kush connoisseurs.

This strain provides a relaxing high that numbs the body and calms the mind. The high begins in the head and slowly moves throughout the entire body. As your eyes become heavy and your muscles start to relax, you may feel a sense of euphoria taking over.

This strain has high THC levels, making it ideal for individuals who want strong medicinal effects. Medical marijuana users may benefit from Fire OG’s purported analgesic properties.

Fire OG Strain Yield

Fire OG offers a slightly better yield than most other OG Kush phenotypes. This cultivar produces an average yield of 14 ounces per square meter when grown indoors in an optimal environment. Outdoor growers can expect 15 ounces of top-shelf bud per square meter.

Growers can increase bud production by providing the plants with a powerful light source, a nutrient-rich diet, and plenty of space to branch out. They can further boost the yield by using training techniques such as low-stress training (LST) or topping.

Growing Fire OG

Fire OG can be a challenging strain for inexperienced growers to cultivate. It requires a stable environment and a nutrient-rich diet to reach its full potential. This strain takes 9 to 10 weeks to complete the flowering cycle and can be grown indoors and outdoors.

Like most OG Kush phenotypes, Fire OG requires a diet rich in micronutrients. Supplying the plants with extra calcium and magnesium will help to prevent nutrient deficiencies. Growers can add a dose of cal-mag to their nutrient solutions or enrich the soil with dry amendments such as crushed oyster shells and dolomite lime.

Fire OG tends to stretch significantly during the flowering period. Indoor growers may need to reduce the vegetative growth period or use plant training techniques to manage the height. Luckily, this strain responds well to topping, fimming, super cropping, and other training methods.

Although this strain is resistant to most pests and diseases, it is somewhat susceptible to mold and mildew outbreaks. Growers can avoid mold and mildew outbreaks by regulating the temperature and humidity in the grow room and providing the plants with plenty of lighting and airflow.

Fire OG Seeds

Fire OG is one of the most flavorful and potent OG Kush phenotypes available. Its delectable flavor profile and relaxing effects make this strain a mainstay at dispensaries around the US. If you’re a Kush fanatic, consider adding this cultivar to your collection.

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