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Top-Quality Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Psychedelic banner of a cannabis plant surrounded by colorful, space-themed elements and gears with 'AUTOFLOWERING SEEDS' text.Embark on a Celestial Journey with High-Quality Autoflowering Seeds

At Greenpoint Seeds, we offer a curated selection of premium autoflower seeds. Our collection features automatic versions of renowned strains like Chem 4, Gelato 33, and Wedding Cake. Each seed is produced in-house by our expert breeders, ensuring you receive only the highest quality genetics.

Looking for potent, flavorful, and easy-to-grow autoflowering strains? You’re in the perfect place. Not finding what you need in auto seeds? Explore our extensive range of regular and feminized photoperiod seeds.

Understanding Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflower seeds, celebrated for their adaptability and automatic flowering, are derived from the Ruderalis species from Eastern Europe. Unlike photoperiod strains that depend on light cycles, autoflowers bloom independently, offering a straightforward growth path.

Autoflower vs. Photoperiod: The Growing Edge

Traditionally, autoflower varieties were less potent than photoperiod strains, but modern breeding techniques have bridged this gap. Today's autoflowers rival the potency and yields of photoperiod strains, with the added benefit of easier cultivation.

Feminized Autoflower Seeds: Your Path to Richer Yields

Feminized autoflower seeds streamline the growing process, yielding all-female plants that produce the coveted flowers rich in cannabinoids. Say goodbye to the laborious task of weeding out male plants.

Why Grow Autoflower Seeds?

Autoflower seeds are hardy, versatile, and offer a quick turnaround, making them ideal for growers with limited space or those in regions with shorter seasons. They're a perfect match for growers looking for an efficient and fruitful grow experience.

Mastering Autoflower Cultivation

Want to ensure you're getting the most out of your autoflower seeds? Check out our comprehensive guide on how to grow autoflower seeds for expert tips and tricks to maximize your harvest.

Shop Premium Autoflower Seeds

At Greenpoint Seeds, find the highest quality feminized autoflowering seeds at unbeatable prices. Each strain is bred with care to ensure you enjoy the best possible results in your garden. Need assistance? Our dedicated team is here to help you select the ideal autoflower seed for your needs.

Customer Reviews

Leon carrier says:


Greenpoint is always on point

2023-12-08 12:04:19 December 08, 2023

Steve says:


Friends love it

2023-12-07 19:37:13 December 07, 2023

anthony says:


very good seec.co ,better than the european banks as most of then are more interested in quantity not quality

2023-12-07 15:11:26 December 07, 2023

Nathan says:



2023-12-07 11:30:20 December 07, 2023

Anonymous says:


Excellent service

2023-12-06 12:36:32 December 06, 2023

Matthew Mcconico says:


Was 5 star. Delivery great Customer service ain’t been the same since the lady left

2023-12-06 11:43:25 December 06, 2023

Matthew Mcconico says:


Great and fast

2023-12-06 11:38:17 December 06, 2023

Matthew Mcconico says:


Good delivery. Okay customer service not always honorable

2023-12-06 07:02:42 December 06, 2023

Matthew Mcconico says:


Sometimes customer service not so good. Delivery always on point

2023-12-06 06:58:43 December 06, 2023

Eric says:


Customer service is sometimes not the best but it's alright

2023-12-05 17:06:35 December 05, 2023

James Rogers says:


Website, service and delivery great, but

2023-12-05 14:53:35 December 05, 2023

Shawn Edmondson says:


Fast shipping

2023-12-05 14:09:17 December 05, 2023

Anonymous says:


Good quick shipping and great packaging!

2023-12-05 13:39:33 December 05, 2023

James P. says:


Fast shipping, great customer service and the website is clean and user friendly! Can't ask for more

2023-12-05 12:22:06 December 05, 2023

James P. says:


Quick discreet shipping and great customer service!

2023-12-05 09:12:17 December 05, 2023