Cannabis Flowering Cycle

Cannabis Flowering Cycle - Growing Marijuana Steps

The cannabis flowering cycle tends to be the longest of the cannabis growth lifecycle. Depending on the cultivar, your flowering stage can take anywhere from between four and twelve weeks. Some sativa and sativa dominant strains can even push past twelve weeks of flowering. It all depends on your cannabis genetics.

Cannabis Flowering & Pre-Flowering

The flowering stage is two parts: the cannabis pre-flowering stage (which we will tackle in Cannabis Pre-Flowering Cycle #3.5) and the cannabis flowering cycle. The cannabis pre-flowering stage is used by many growers and breeders to sex their plants. Your male cannabis plants will produce pollen, and your female plants will produce buds or flowers. Make sure to isolate your male and female cannabis plants from each other unless you are planning on creating your own marijuana seeds.

Potassium & Phosphorus

NPK levels are changed to higher amounts of potassium and phosphorus during the flowering and pre-flowering stages to enhance growth and bud structure.

Feminized Seeds & Autoflowering Seeds

If you are growing feminized seeds or autoflower seeds, then you can cut down on a lot of time during the cannabis flowering cycle. Feminized and autoflower seeds will only produce female plants. In addition to autoflower seeds only producing females, they don’t require sticking to a lighting schedule. Please see our Feminized Seeds page for more information on female seeds and our Autoflowering Seeds page for details on autoflower cannabis seeds.

Cannabis Flowering Cycle

When your plants start flowering and producing buds, things will start to get stinky. If you’re growing indoors and trying to be discreet, make sure you are recirculating the air through a carbon filter. Carbon filters will keep those the pungent smells down to a minimum when needed.

Your buds will start to grow milky-white pistils, while trichomes engulf your plants with a layer of crystals. The flowering cycle is the hardest time to leave the buds on your plants. Sampling here and there is okay, but don’t overdo it or rush your plants in any way.

Photoperiod: 12 Hours Of Light & 12 Hours Of Darkness

What’s Next?

If you are finished flowering, please move on to the Cannabis Harvesting Stage (coming soon).