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Dioecious Cannabis Seeds

There’s nothing regular about Regular cannabis seeds. The term regular basically means non-feminized. Therefore, your seeds will express either male or female flowers. Scientifically speaking plants that have male or female reproductive organs in separate individuals are classified as dioecious.
But Gu, why would I want males in my sinsemilla garden? Well, you wouldn’t. In that case, head over to the Feminized Seeds to get seeds that are guaranteed to produce female plants only. But if you are a brave soul, hungry for the newest flavors, seeking wild genetic expression, or in need of some high-class pollen then look no further than our regular seeds.
Our Wild West Series has been our cornerstone offering since 2015. The Stardawg hybrids have been grown and tested for years and have proven to produce some seriously impressive cannabis. So grab a ten pack, hunt some phenos, and have something in your garden that blows away anything you can buy at the dispensary.

Regular Cannabis Seeds for Sale

If you’re looking to find a dependable keeper plant, go pheno-hunting, or discover something truly unique, then regular cannabis seeds are the way to go. Our regular strains have proven to be some of the best genetics for growers, pheno-hunters, and breeders looking to find new and exciting dominant traits. Give them a shot—you won’t be disappointed.

Greenpoint has specialized in regular cannabis seed production for many years. You can always feel confident when buying any of our strains. We’ve put many years of experience, care, and hard work into every pack that we sell. Browse all of our regular strains for sale.

Regular Seeds Vs Feminized 

Regular cannabis varieties are capable of producing both male and female plants. These tend to provide 50 percent male offspring and 50 percent female offspring. This type of seed is a product of the cannabis plant’s most natural state. In nature, both male and female cannabis plants breed among each other to create new varieties of cannabis.

The cannabis plant is primarily dioecious, meaning it will have either all male or all female parts. Both male and female cannabis plants have their own unique reproductive characteristics, allowing growers to tell the difference between the two during the pre-flowering stage.

When deciding between regular vs feminized seeds, it is essential to understand what your goals are. If you are trying to maximize flower production or find a keeper female plant, feminized seeds may be the best option. However, if you’d like to breed your own cannabis strains or find the most genetically stable females, male and female varieties are the way to go. At Greenpoint, our regular and feminized seeds are sure to produce healthy, hardy, and potent cannabis plants.

Are Regular Seeds Better than Feminized Seeds?

Although demand for regular cannabis seeds has dropped in recent years, many growers continue to choose them over regular autoflowering seeds or feminized seeds. Regular seeds can yield new phenotypes and cultivars that are not yet available in feminized or autoflower seeds. Many growers also believe that regular seeds tend to produce plants that are more sexually stable than feminized seeds produce. However, as long as they have been bred properly, both types of seeds will yield exceptional plants.

Chemdawg Regular Seeds

Chemdawg is one of the most admired cannabis strains on the market. Its vigorous growth, high yield, and hard-hitting potency are just some of its most prized characteristics. Greenpoint Seeds’ line of Stardawg seeds embodies all the star qualities of the famous Chemdawg strain.

Our Stardawg male has earned a reputation for producing some of the most elite hybrids on the market. Browse our wide selection of Stardawg seeds, crossed with the best American strains.

How to Grow Regular Cannabis Seeds?

The first step to growing regular seeds is to buy high-grade seeds that will produce top-shelf cannabis. Our regular cannabis seeds are hardy, vigorous, and easy to grow. Each of our regular strains is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation in a wide range of climates.

The next step is to choose a growing medium. High-quality potting soil is the most accessible medium to work with, as it already contains all of the nutrients necessary to start growing. However, depending on the container size, you may need to add more nutrients every two to four weeks.

If you are growing indoors, you will need to select a suitable light source. Most grow lights, such as high-pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide (MH), or light-emitting diode (LED), have enough power to grow regular cannabis seeds successfully.

Will a Red or Pink grow light Work for Regular Seeds?

Red or pink grow lights might work for growing regular seeds; however, they may not be fully optimized. Cannabis plants require a wide spectrum of light, like that of natural sunlight. As such, lights that contain a mixture of blue, red, and other colors tend to work best for growing weed seeds. Most modern grow lights are tailored to growing cannabis, offering the ideal spectrum to optimize plant growth in vegetative and flowering cycles.

Buy Regular Seeds Online

At Greenpoint Seeds, we offer the best prices on the finest regular cannabis seeds on the market. Browse our premium Stardawg hybrids and find the perfect strain for your unique preferences.

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