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Feminized Seeds from the USA. Greenpoint Seeds is a marijuana seed bank that is proud to offer the best feminized weed seeds on the market. We breed marijuana seeds using the finest cannabis strains in the USA.

Browse our catalog of cannabis seeds that descend from elite, clone-only cultivars. View popular strains such as Animal CookiesPurple Punch strainOG Kush, Gorilla Glue strain and many others.

What are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized marijuana seeds yield all-female plants. Female cannabis plants develop high levels of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. As such, growers who wish to maximize potency through bud production choose to grow female marijuana seeds.

We offer feminized seeds to make the cultivation process easier, albeit at a slightly higher cost. The higher prices stem from the sex reversal process that utilizes frequent foliar spray applications during breeding.

Feminized vs. Regular Seeds

Regular seeds sprout 50% male weed plants and 50% female plants. Male marijuana plants produce no buds or cannabinoids. They have pollen and a powerful desire to pass that pollen to nearby female plants for seed production. By growing female cannabis seeds, you avoid the risk of male plants pollinating nearby females.

“Sinsemilla” or seedless cannabis is highly desirable. Opening up a jar of fine sinsemilla is a pleasurable experience. There’s no better feeling than knowing that you got premium sinsemilla by growing marijuana from seed.

Seedless cannabis produces higher cannabinoid levels than seeded weed. The pollination of a female plant shifts energy from forming cannabinoid rich flowers to creating the healthiest offspring possible

While we certainly appreciate Mary Jane’s dedication to survival, sometimes it’s best to avoid the risk of male pollination altogether. To do this, we recommend buying feminized cannabis seeds.

Why Buy Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

When choosing between regular and feminized cannabis seeds, there are a few things to consider. Will you have the time and space to pre-sex your cannabis plants before transitioning into the flowering stage?

Significant factors when buying cannabis seeds include: The size of your garden, and the time you’re willing to invest. Large cultivation operations often have difficulty pulling all males before it’s too late. Grow tents lack the room for to grow male plants that will eventually be discarded.

Additionally, consider your permissible plant count. Many legal states allow only six plants per adult and household. You may not want to fill up your quota with plants that won’t produce cannabis buds. In this case, we recommend buying feminized cannabis seeds.

Feminized Seed Variety Pack

We have single feminized seeds for sale. Some people growing weed prefer to mix and match seeds. Single seeds are now available from customers looking for a feminized seeds variety pack. We offer a germination guarantee so you can buy with confidence.

How to Make Feminized Seeds

Growers unfamiliar with cannabis breeding may wonder how to make feminized marijuana seeds. The process revolves around the foliar application of a silver-based solution during the flowering portion of the breeding stage.

Colloidal Silver and Cannabis

At Greenpoint Seeds, we use colloidal silver to produce our feminized seeds. The colloidal silver method is the most effective way of breeding high-quality marijuana seeds for sale.

Colloidal silver works by inhibiting ethylene production required by female cannabis plants to form flowers. The inhibition causes female plants to form male pollen sacs. We use the fem pollen produced by these sacs to pollinate other female plants and, in turn, create feminized seeds.

This time consuming and expensive process results in 99.99% female seeds.

Hermaphrodite marijuana plants

Unfortunately, the most common method for producing feminized marijuana seeds is stressing a female into forming pollen sacs. Growers with bad seeds experience hermaphrodite cannabis plants often by accident.

Growing marijuana indoors requires a mastery of the environment. When a poor environment is detected, female cannabis has evolved to self pollinate for genetic preservation. Seeds produced this way are technically female but have passed the characteristics of high sensitivity to the growing environment.

It is our responsibility to cull sensitive plants so that only the best feminized seeds are passed on to future generations. That commitment is the reason to support breeders vs. seed banks.




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