Frostbite, a chilling fusion between Black Ice and Animal Cookies, stands as a pinnacle of 3rd Coast Genetics and Greenpoint Seeds’ combined breeding efforts. This strain is celebrated for its outstanding resistance to cold temperatures and its exceptional yield potential. Frostbite’s growth profile is robust, offering ease of cultivation to both novice and experienced growers. The buds are a spectacle of frost-like trichomes over deep green and purple foliage, releasing a captivating aroma that blends earthy tones with a hint of sweetness. Frostbite is a true embodiment of its lineage, producing a premium herb that is as visually impressive as it is aromatic.

In Testing: These seeds are currently in testing. This pre-release is for those who don’t want to wait and need to have the newest genetics asap.

Born-on date: March 2024

photo: Black Ice by CampExotic

Frostbite cannabis strain's icy buds, showcased in a clear jar.
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