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Girl Scout Cookies Strain

Why is this fantastic cannabis strain called Girl Scout Cookies? Probably because when you’re offered some, you simply can’t refuse. Others say it’s named after the famous cookie because of its cool, minty flavor.

This Indica-dominant hybrid is notorious for its euphoric head high followed by waves of deep body relaxation. With notes of sweet cherry, mint, and lemon, Girl Scout Cookies is the dessert strain you’ve been dreaming of.

Sometimes abbreviated to GSC, legendary Girl Scout Cookies is another cannabis strain you need to check off your bucket list. With multiple Cannabis Cup wins and numerous other accolades, there is no doubt that Girl Scout Cookies has impressive genetics.

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Girl Scout Cookies Strain Info

There are many myths surrounding the origin of the Girl Scout Cookies strain. Some believe that it originated in California, bred by the Cookies Family. It is believed that they combined OG Kush from South Florida with a mysterious strain called F1 Durban. The result? A potent, euphoric strain that sends waves of relaxation throughout your entire body. Some people also think that GSC may have some Cherry Pie and GDP in its lineage as well; however, it remains unknown.

This Indica-dominant hybrid will wow you with its green and purple buds and fiery orange pistils. For years, Girl Scout Cookies has been a favorite among medical and recreational users searching for potent relief from stress, pain, and depression.

Have you ever heard of Animal Cookies, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, Forum Cookies, or Thin Mint Cookies? These notable Cookies cuts exemplify the best of its elite, top-shelf genetics. We carry high-quality seeds from Girl Scout Cookies hybrids here at Greenpoint Seeds, including our feminized Animal Cookies line that offers stellar resin production and potent effects.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Review

With a high THC content often testing at 19 percent, the Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain is not recommended for the novice cannabis user. Beloved by medical marijuana users, this strain delivers quick, potent relief from chronic pain and nausea. If you’re suffering from loss of appetite, GSC can quickly induce hunger and soon have you reaching for the cookie jar.

No matter the time of day you consume it, the GSC strain is a sweet treat that will put a smile on your face and leave you feeling relaxed. Many users report that the high from Girl Scout Cookies lasts longer than other strains.

The dominant terpene Caryophyllene lends a sweet, earthy flavor to the Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain. This diesel-y, spicy, and peppery aroma is excellent for relaxation and anxiety. Myrcene and Limonene, found in lesser abundance, contribute an herbaceous, citrusy bite that rounds out GSC’s pungent flavor and aroma.

Experience a delicious minty taste that will remind you of your favorite cookie. No matter what flavors you pick out from GSC smoke, you’ll love the way this dessert strain makes you feel.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Yield

While the Girl Scout Cookies weed strain typically produces a low to medium amount of cannabis flower, you can increase your yield by paying close diligence to a couple of factors.

First, always make sure that you provide your plant with ample lighting and adequate nutrition. To encourage a larger yield come harvest time, your cannabis plants should live in a moderate climate with a stable pH.

Consider providing calcium and magnesium micronutrients to your plants to ensure that they absorb the ideal amount of nutrients. Be sure to train and top your plants as they grow, which will encourage them to produce a larger amount of flowers.

Growing the Girl Scout Cookies Strain

With its well-balanced effects and delicious aroma, it’s time to start growing Girl Scout Cookies. Whether you grow your cannabis plants indoors or outdoors, Girl Scout Cookies is the perfect cultivar for your garden or greenhouse.

A fan-favorite of home grow enthusiasts, Girl Scout Cookies typically flowers within 9 to 10 weeks, so you won’t have to wait long for its spectacular nugs. Because of its dense, frosty buds, be sure to watch out for bud rot and powdery-mildew infections with any Cookies hybrids. You can prevent these issues by providing adequate ventilation with fans.

Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

Seeing as Girl Scout Cookies is a legendary cultivar, you can find many variations across the cannabis community. Here at Greenpoint Seeds, we offer seeds of Girl Scout Cookies hybrids, including our feminized Animal Cookies hybrids that will blow you away with their wild effects and delicious flavors.

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