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Animal Cookies Seeds

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Greenpoint Seeds is proud to offer a wide selection of premium feminized Animal Cookies seeds, bred with a variety of elite, clone-only strains such as Triangle Kush, Sundae Driver, Chem 4, and many others. Our Animal Cookies seeds are sure to deliver exotic flavors, potent effects, striking colors, and unparallel trichome production.

Animal Cookies History and Lineage

Animal Cookies is a top-shelf, clone-only strain that was created by the prominent Cookies Family of California. The Cookies Family bred Animal Cookies by using the classic Fire OG from OG Raskal to pollinate their award-winning Girl Scout Cookies cut. Animal Cookies seeds meld the one-of-a-kind fragrance of Girl Scout Cookies with the rich flavor and exceptional potency of Fire OG. Given its sturdy structure, heavy stone, and complex flavor, many growers and users consider Animal Cookies one of the finest cuts of Cookies available.

Animal Cookies Aroma and Flavor

Cannabis users cherish the rich, complex aroma of Animal Cookies. This strain radiates a pungent bouquet of skunk, cookie dough, and ripe cherries. Upon breaking apart the dried buds, users also note distinct hints of pine and pepper.Its sweet-and-sour flavor perfectly complements the robust aroma of Animal Cookies. This strain coats the mouth with cherry and brown sugar notes mixed with sharp undertones of gasoline, skunk, and damp soil. The smoke is smooth, and the mouthwatering flavor lingers on the tongue for several minutes.

Animal Cookies Effects

Animal Cookies seeds produce plants that deliver an exceedingly relaxing stone that soothes the body and mind. What starts as a gentle wave of euphoria soon fades into a profound sensation of calmness. When consumed in excess, the powerful Indica stone of Animal Cookies may cause users to drift into a deep slumber.

Buy Animal Cookies Seeds

Our premium feminized Animal Cookies seeds are sure to please fans of dessert-themed strains. These seeds consistently produce unique phenotypes that offer rich, mouthwatering flavors, dense, resin-caked buds, and potent, body-numbing effects.

Contact Greenpoint Seeds for more information about our Animal Cookies seeds. Don’t forget to browse our extensive collection of regular and feminized cannabis seeds.