Max AC


Experience cannabis at its pinnacle with MAX AC, a meticulously crafted hybrid that marries the resin-rich attributes of MAC 1 with the potent and flavorful nuances of Animal Cookies. Imagine buds so crystal-encrusted they look like a morning frost, coupled with a flavor profile that’s a grand tour of fresh citrus, creamy sweetness, and exotic spice. Smoke it and be swept off your feet by an immaculate balance of mind-clearing euphoria and deep physical relaxation. Don’t miss out; order your seeds today for a strain that’s the epitome of cannabis excellence.

Can’t wait for the testing phase to end or didn’t manage to snag a tester pack? This is your chance! Be one of the first to enjoy the exquisite flavors and powerful effects of our Max AC strain. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add this premium strain to your collection before anyone else.

Born-On Date: August 2023