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Cookies Family

The Cookies Family is perhaps one of the most famous cannabis-breeding collectives in the world. Founded in the Bay Area of California in the early 2010s, this group of breeders has developed many legendary marijuana strains, including Gelato 33, Cherry Pie, and Sunset Sherbet; however, their most sought-after creation has always been the renowned Girl Scout Cookies.

The Cookies Family, originally established by Berner and Jigga, has always had a passion for growing cannabis. In an interview with Weedmaps, Jigga said:

“Cookie Fam has a meaning. When you acknowledge that the plant doesn’t work for you, you work for the plant. All you have to do is hold her high, hold her with respect, and use her as a tool to help you evolve as a person. It’s when you realize that you’ve given yourself to her, and you’re a guardian and a servant to cannabis.”

The Cookies Family’s commitment to the plant has changed the landscape of the marijuana industry. Strains such as Girl Scout Cookies have raised the standards for the aroma, flavor, potency, and bag appeal of cannabis. As a result, many growers have become more focused on quality rather than yield when selecting a strain.

At Greenpoint Seeds, we work with a wide selection of Cookies Family strains, including Gelato 33, Animal Cookies, Girl Scout Cookies, and much more.