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What Strain Is Gelato?

The Gelato strain is a hybrid of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Cookies, produced by the California-based breeding collective known as the Cookies Family. This Indica-dominant cannabis cultivar yields, flavorful buds that are extremely resinous. It’s famous for its striking bag appeal, exotic aroma, and soothing.

Gelato Strain Info

Gelato’s story began when two California-based cannabis growers, Jigga and Sherbinski, were introduced by a mutual friend. The two growers soon hit it off and decided to try breeding a cannabis strain together.

Jigga harvested some Burmese Blackberry Kush pollen and pollinated an OG Kush plant from Sherbinski, thus creating the Pink Panties strain. This Indica-dominant hybrid was highly and flavorful but produced a meager yield.

One of the Pink Panties plants was a male and, before Sherbinski had the chance to isolate it from the other plants in the garden, it pollinated Jigga’s Thin Mint Cookies cut. Sherbinski was disappointed, but he decided to germinate some of the seeds from this unintended pollination. One of the most popular phenotypes on the market would come from this batch of seeds: Sunset Sherbet.

Armed with two top-tier cultivars, Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, Sherbinski and Jigga started an extensive breeding program. They crossed these two plants, sprouted hundreds of seeds, and selected only the most elite Gelato phenotypes of the resulting cross, naming them Gelato 25, Gelato 33, Gelato 41, Gelato 42, and Gelato 45.

Gelato 33 was the best of the five plants, providing a solid yield of deep purple and green buds that were as aromatic as they were. This cultivar quickly became a hit, and growers and users around the globe now treasure its luscious flavor and blissful.

Where Can I Buy Gelato Seeds?

The Gelato 33 strain, also known as Larry Bird, is an exceptional cannabis variety that has become incredibly popular over the past few years. Cannabis breeders around the world use this unique cultivar to create incredibly and frosty hybrids.

Greenpoint Seeds uses Gelato in the breeding of several of our products. Gelato is used in the making of City Slicker, Gelazzi, and Ice Cream Punch. These hybrid strains exhibit all the elite qualities of the famed Gelato cultivar.

Is Gelato Strain Indica or Sativa?

Gelato is considered to be an Indica-dominant strain. This is evident in the cultivar’s that tend to numb the body, the muscles, and calm the mind. Its Indica heritage is also apparent in the strain’s broad fan leaves and rock-hard buds that are coated in a thick layer of resin glands.

This cultivar is of medium height and has a shorter and stockier structure than most Cookies cuts. Gelato forms wide branches and thick leaves that may display dazzling colors of purple and red as the plant matures. This strain forms small, colorful buds that feature enlarged calyxes and fiery pistils.

Gelato Strain Review

The Gelato weed strain is an exceptionally powerful variety. This variety is slightly Indica-dominant in its, delivering a body-melting that may ease pain and the body. When smoked in excess, it tends to send users into a peaceful slumber. This strain’s soothing makes it a great choice for an evening or late-night smoke.

Gelato is famous for its unique aroma reminiscent of sweet, creamy Italian ice cream. This variety smells of ripe berry, mixed with notes of brown sugar and citrus. Some users also notice hints of mint and soil when breaking apart the flowers.

This strain coats the mouth with luscious flavors of lemon, berry, and vanilla, with earthy-sweet undertones. Its unique flavor is one of this strain’s most outstanding qualities.

How To Grow Gelato Seeds

Gelato seeds are fairly challenging to grow and must be cultivated in a controlled environment to realize their fullial. This variety of may be stunted by fluctuations in temperature and pH, and requires a diet rich in micronutrients to thrive.

As a result, it’s best suited to experienced growers with indoor gardens. It’s well worth the effort, though, as it produces some of the finest cannabis on the market. and recreational users around the world are enamored of this strain.

Gelato 33 may be susceptible to powdery mildew and botrytis outbreaks; however, this strain is resistant to many diseases and pests. By providing adequate ventilation and lighting, keeping the growing area clean, and avoiding overwatering, growers can avoid most issues that may affect this strain.

Gelato is a fast-flowering variety capable of completing the flowering cycle in eight to nine weeks. When grown in a stress-free environment, this strain may reach maturity even sooner.

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