Support American Seed Banks

Support American Seed Banks

To support American seed banks, farmers must always purchase their seeds from local seed sellers. When local businesses are supported, they contribute significantly to the community. This happens through creating more employment opportunities and they help stimulate the United States economy. Read on to learn more about the benefits of supporting local businesses and why American farmers should buy their seeds from local seed banks.

Importance of Supporting Local Businesses

First, local businesses strengthen the local economy. Therefore, supporting local businesses is equivalent to supporting the local economy. More money stays in the country as opposed to buying things internationally. Additionally, not only is the local economy strengthened when people shop locally, but also local businesses employ Americans, thus creating new job opportunities.

Moreover, local businesses encourage local entrepreneurship. Companies encourage other people to start their businesses and become local entrepreneurs. Local American businesses also invest in the community’s welfare. They are more likely to utilize other local businesses such as farms, service providers, and banks. As such, when people shop from a local business, they are supporting the community.

When local businesses thrive, they generate high levels of revenue, and in turn, they will pay higher taxes. These taxes are used by the government to improve services to the citizens, such as schools, police, and fire departments. Thriving businesses also improve property value benefiting homeowners as well as increasing property tax for the government.

Furthermore, local businesses promote innovation and competition. When other local companies spring up, they all strive to be unique and innovative, which leads to healthy competition. Customers are well served, and products are improved.

Finally, when people support local businesses, nonprofit organizations and charities also benefit. Part of the profit is donated to charities to help the less fortunate in the country.

Why Support American Seed Banks

American seed breeders are developing outstanding crop that can withstand harsh weather conditions and are resistant to pests and diseases. Below are the reasons why farmers should support American seed banks, especially cannabis growers.

They are Reliable

Growers should support American seed banks due to their reliability. Buying online from international seed banks is sometimes unreliable as there have been some cases in the past of growers being scammed. American seed banks are reliable as growers can visit their physical stores to make purchases. Farmers can ask around and get referred to trusted seed banks.

They Offer Expert Services and Advice

Local seed banks offer expert services to their customers. Cannabis growers who buy seeds from American seedbanks such as Greenpoint Seeds have the advantage of getting expert advice and assistance. They can learn more about cannabis, cultivation practices, as well as legal regulations in their respective states. Growers can get personalized customer services and have their problems solved. Getting help from international seed banks is hard.

Local Seed Banks Understand Their customer’s Needs

Cannabis growers need to support American seed banks as they understand their needs. Local seed banks, for instance, understand the local restrictions and therefore advise their customers accordingly.

Safe Payment Options

Buying from local seed banks ensures safe payment. Paying international seed banks can be a hassle. Some payment methods are not accepted. When shopping locally, growers can use any payment methods, such as bank transfers and credit or debit cards. However, sometimes there are issues with credit card processing because of cannabis’ legality. To avoid this, growers shopping with local seed banks can pay with cash. Growers can also sometimes get loyalty discounts if they shop from the same seed bank again and again.


Since the seeds do not have to be imported, the shipping is much faster. When growers order from a local seed bank, it takes just a few days for the seeds to arrive. Their delivery is also guaranteed as the seeds are less likely to be stolen or seized by authorities.

Good Support Services

Local businesses have better customer care. It can be hard to get help from international companies. In local shops, there is a personal approach to all issues. Customers will get personalized services tailored to their requests, as well as additional advice to have the best experience with the item.

Better Seed Genetics

American cannabis breeders cross high-quality with a sparkly appearance and strong, unique smells. The resulting are also well adapted to the local growing conditions.

Final Thoughts About Supporting American Seed Banks

After the legalization of cannabis, many seed banks are coming up across the country. Cannabis farmers need to support American seed banks by buying seeds from them. American seed banks provide outstanding services and quality seeds to cannabis growers.

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