Cannabis Seedling Stage

Cannabis Seedling Stage

The seedling stage is one of the most critical stages in a cannabis plant’s life. This cycle requires the utmost most care and precision, just like the germination stage. During the seedling stage, you must be extremely careful with how much water and fertilizer you are using. Too much or too little of anything at this stage could hinder further growth or cause your seedlings to die.

Seedling Stage Light

One of the essential things your seedlings need at this stage is light. Seedlings need as much light as possible to keep themselves healthy and thriving. In addition to establishing a strong root foundation, making sure you provide ample lighting and water for your seedlings is vital to the overall health of your plants.

When it comes to lighting your cannabis plants during the seedling stage, you can use a variety of lighting types and techniques. Given their low heat output, T5s, LEDs, and CFLs  allowing you to easily control the temperature in the grow room. LEDs are great for growing seedlings indoors because they typically provide full-spectrum lighting that closely mimics natural sunlight. Natural sunlight is always the best but isn’t always an option. However, when you start your seedlings indoors, you have more control over their environment.

Seedling Stage Leaves

Depending on the strain and genetics of your cannabis seeds, the shape and number of leaflets can vary. In the beginning, your seedlings will form one leaflet. Over the next 2-4 weeks, you should start seeing between five and seven leaflets. At this time, the seedling stage of your cannabis plant has come to an end, and you are ready to move on to the vegetative growth cycle.

Attention To Detail

Attention to detail is very important in determining a bright and sticky future for your plants. These cannabis seedlings are your babies and should be treated as such. Making sure they eat high-quality food, drink plenty of water, and remain in a safe environment will help to keep them healthy and happy.