Where to Find the Best Cannabis Seed Deals

Where to find the best cannabis seed deals

Where to find the best cannabis seed deals is a question on the minds of many marijuana growers across the globe. That’s because growing cannabis, whether for personal use or commercially, can be an expensive venture. Many seed banks charge crazy-high prices for seeds that end up growing sub-par plants and disappointing experiences. So, where […]

Support American Seed Banks

Support American Seed Banks

Support American Seed Banks  To support American seed banks, farmers must always purchase their seeds from local seed sellers. Local businesses that are supported by the community contribute significantly to the area by creating more employment opportunities and helping stimulate the local economy. Why Support American Seed Banks Local businesses strengthen the local economy. As […]

How to Know When Cannabis Seeds are Mature

How to know when cannabis seeds are mature

How to know when cannabis seeds are mature  More and more research suggests the great benefits of cannabinoids for human and animal health. Consequently, more areas are legalizing cannabis in some form, and making it possible for individuals and companies to safely cultivate their own cannabis. Of course, those who wish to grow their own […]

What are Autoflowering Seeds

what are autoflowering seeds

What are autoflowering seeds? Nowadays, there are more than a few options available when shopping for cannabis seeds. More than ever before, breeders offer feminized, autoflowering, and regular seeds. Feminized seeds always produce a female plant while regular seeds produce both male and female plants. But what are autoflowering cannabis seeds, and what makes them […]

Busted for Buying Seeds Online

busted for buying seeds online

Busted for Buying Seeds Online — If you have questions or hesitations about buying seeds online, don’t worry – you’re not alone! Ordering seeds can be confusing, from knowing where to order from, what to order, and how. The Paradox of Ordering Seeds Online Technically, it is illegal under federal law to transport marijuana or […]

Cannabis pH; What You Should Know

pH balance

Cannabis pH is an essential part of cultivating cannabis. This is especially true if you want to grow your cannabis plants to their fullest potential. To be clear, pH is the chemical abbreviation for “power of hydrogen or potential for hydrogen,” which is a scale that defines the acidity or base level of a water-based […]

Best Cannabis Seed Company is GPS (Our Reviews Prove It)

best cannabis seed company

The beBest Cannabis Seed Company – When it comes to buying seeds, only choose the best cannabis seed company. Buying from a trusted, reputable source will save money in the long run by providing seeds with healthy, reliable genetics that will grow into dank, frosty, profitable buds. Indeed, the best cannabis seeds are well worth […]

What are Feminized Seeds?

What are feminized seeds? Feminized seeds are cannabis seeds genetically engineered to produce only female plants. Cannabis buds are rich in cannabinoids such as CBD and THC only develop in female plants. As such, they are the ideal choice for cannabis growers who want to ensure productive yields from every seed they sew. Feminized seeds […]

Spider Mites on Cannabis; How to Deal

spider mites on cannabis

Spider mites on cannabis plants can be challenging. Spider mites are small and can become a significant infestation before the grower notices. They are more common in soil than hydroponic growing systems because the soil has dead organic matter. Spider mites affect both outdoor and indoor plants and can cause havoc when not controlled quickly. […]

Fungus Gnats on Cannabis; How to Get Rid of Them

Fungus gnats on cannabis are a major pain. These flying pests love cannabis and find insidious ways to stick around and make it their home. Fortunately, fungus gnats do not cause much damage to plants, though they may make their way into a morning cup of coffee if they get too bad. Moreover, getting rid […]