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Powdery Mildew on Cannabis

Powdery Mildew on a Cannabis Leaf

Powdery Mildew on Cannabis Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions on qualifying purchases from  Powdery mildew is one of the most dreaded cannabis diseases among growers. This pesky fungus often is challenging to identify, treat, and prevent. Once you notice those little white spots on the leaves of your plants,[…]

Cannabis pH: What You Should Know

Cannabis pH: What You Should Know Cannabis pH is an often-overlooked factor that can significantly impact the health of marijuana plants and the quality of their buds. Incorrect levels can lead to nutrient deficiencies, stunted growth, and a wide range of other issues. By maintaining the ideal pH for cannabis, growers will be one step[…]

Low Stress Training (LST) Cannabis

Low Stress Training (LST) Cannabis

Low Stress Training (LST) Cannabis Low-stress training (LST) is a method of altering the shape and size of cannabis plants. This technique is a simple and popular way to increase the yield of cannabis plants in both indoor and outdoor gardens. It also allows growers to cultivate the plants in confined spaces. This article will[…]

How To Boost THC Levels in Cannabis

How To Boost THC Levels in Cannabis These days, everyone seems to be chasing the most potent weed. Growers are trying to cultivate the most powerful strains, recreational users are pursuing the most intense highs, and medical users are seeking the most effective remedies. With so much demand for potent marijuana, it is essential that[…]

How to Deal With Spider Mites on Cannabis Plants

Spider Mites on Cannabis

How to Deal With Spider Mites on Cannabis Plants It can be challenging to get rid of spider mites on cannabis plants. Spider mites are so small and can become a significant infestation before the grower notices. They are more common in soil than hydroponic growing systems because the soil has dead organic matter. Spider[…]

How Long Should a Taproot Develop Before Planting?

Cannabis Tap Root Developing

Introduction to Taproot Planting Before a bumper harvest of beautiful dank buds is realized, several stages of plant growth have to be executed. Most times, priority is given to the vegetative and flowering stages of plant development. One critical stage that is often overlooked is germination; being a “preliminary” stage, it’s easy to write it[…]

How To Grow Northern Lights

How To Grow Northern Lights Northern Lights is one cannabis strain that will never lose its luster. This classic Indica has been a staple among indoor growers for decades. Breeders have used it to produce countless elite strains such as Bubba Kush and Super Silver Haze. Its high yield, delicious flavor, and potent effects make[…]

Highest-yielding Strains Overall

Highest-yielding Strains Overall  Flavor, aroma, and potency are important qualities for cannabis strains, but they are not everything. Yield also matters. For commercial growers, choosing a high-yielding cultivar can make the difference between keeping the lights on and going out of business. For cannabis users, particularly medical users, yield is also an important consideration. Having[…]