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CEC is Soil

Soil Building Theory, Reimagined: Unearthing The Secrets to a Fertile Garden – Part 2 of 2

Discover the untapped potential of your cannabis plants by enriching the soil with organic matter. Learn how an intricately balanced environment of nutrients and microbial life can not only improve yields but also amplify the flavor, aroma, and potency of your cannabis. A must-read for any cultivator seeking to advance their soil game and produce top-quality, eco-friendly cannabis.

building soil

Optimal Soil Building Theory: The Key to a Thriving Garden

Unlock the secrets of optimal soil building. Delve into the intricate world of living soil, nutrient interactions, and innovative cultivation techniques to transform your garden into a thriving ecosystem. A must-read for dedicated gardeners seeking the pinnacle of plant health.

Luna Whitcomb lunallday

The Living Soil Revolution: A Deep Dive with Luna Whitcomb

The Luna Whitcomb Introduction Hello everyone, my name is Luna whitcomb. I pioneer and integrate cutting-edge organic cannabis cultivation techniques. I have 14 years of cultivation experience with indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation. My methodologies surround organically grown cannabis in custom-built, unique, living soils full of symbiotic biology and diversity of life-promoting inputs. I have[…]

DEA Says Cannabis Seeds Are Legal Under Hemp Bill

In the past, it was difficult for growers in the United States to source cannabis seeds and clones from other parts of the country. Now, in a recent letter from the DEA, restrictions on many cannabis products have been lifted. Find out all of the details about the DEA’s statement in this article.