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The Living Soil Revolution: A Deep Dive with Luna Whitcomb

The Luna Whitcomb Introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Luna whitcomb. I pioneer and integrate cutting-edge organic cannabis cultivation techniques. I have 14 years of cultivation experience with indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation. My methodologies surround organically grown cannabis in custom-built, unique, living soils full of symbiotic biology and diversity of life-promoting inputs. I have owned, developed, and operated large and small-scale facilities and hemp farms. In my career, I have collectively cultivated over 3.6 million cannabis plants between all the projects I’ve been on. I am passionate about integrating my knowledge of microscopy, biology, entomology, agronomy, botany, and enzymology to grow unique and superior cannabis flower rich in a broad profile of compounds.

The Diverse Platforms I Influence

 I work as an educational content creator on multiple platforms, including SKUNK magazine, Patreon, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. I host and participate in podcasts surrounding advanced organic cultivation techniques, write cannabis license applications for large-scale operations, and provide consultation services. Soon, I will be coordinating and operating all the social media content for SKUNK Magazine. I have educated thousands of cultivators on multiple cultivation methods, from living soil sun grown, greenhouse, and indoor to hydroponic indoor cannabis cultivation. I am ecstatic to create content for Greenpoint Seeds and share my knowledge. 

Demystifying Living Soil

Living soil is an integration of nature and all of its systems. A complete web of life in our root zone. Symbiosis of beneficial bacteria, protozoa, microarthropods, nematodes, fungi, worms, insects, root exudates, and organic matter. Organic matter, when broken down by members of the soil food web, creates a universe worth of different organic acids and carbon-based Phyto-compounds, each with unique characteristics and influences on plant physiology and expression, which leads to a broader expression of the cannabis plant’s secondary metabolites and genetic potential. These metabolites create the profile of terpenes, sulfur compounds, thiols, esters, phenols, lipids, and saccharides, building a distinct aroma and for the consumer. 

My Approach to Living Soil Cultivation

I focus on custom-tailoring systems and programs to fully encompass every needed plant and microbe cellular anatomy element; this is achieved by identifying missing aspects and introducing them when necessary. Each compound can synergize and antagonize different elements, requiring proper balance within that complex network. While this is an extensive amount of information that has taken years and years of practice, and failure to acquire, I will be sharing the foundation of these practices throughout my articles. Organic cultivation is very simple yet very complicated. Understanding the minutia of each study is helpful but only partially needed. Let me share the recipes and concepts I work with to improve your garden game. 

Crafting Authentic Living Soil

Integrating a diversity of organic matter and biology is accomplished through soil building with multiple nutrient-dense plant and animal byproducts. I use no manures or mammal-based inputs in my soil mix. I integrate biological inoculants as topdresses and make them in-house with aerobic and anaerobic fermentation techniques. All products, before use, are put onto a slide and analyzed with a microscope for any signs of fungal or bacterial pathogens. Potential hydrogen levels, dissolved oxygen content, and integration of microscopy are all utilized to ensure peak biological efficacy and ensure a safe and pathogen-free product is used in my soil. Unique plant inputs rich in polyphenols and polysaccharides are used to custom-tailor biological reactions in the soil through quorum sensing and the rhizophagy cycle that results in the biological fermentation of organic acids into phyto-compounds and other carboxylic acids that trigger metabolic and flavinoid pathway synergism. These concepts and practices depend on a living soil system, giving the product a distinct and unique characteristic achievable through the exact soil composition and biological profile achieved in a specific topographical location.

Eco-conscious Soil Practices

My soil mixes and methodologies focus on limiting carbon footprint and external dependence on industries with carbon footprints. My composting practices are based on mesophilic insect decomposition. These mesophilic practices emit significantly less CO2 and heat than traditional thermophilic composting allowing for a more extensive diversity of biological life and, therefore, organic acids and metabolic pathway stimulation. Atomic weights of inputs are calculated and added to the soil mix in proportions that synergize with other elements used as plant nutrient sources. Covalent bonding and chemical reactions between elements change the structure and availability of compounds, making them more or less usable by plants. My experience and knowledge allow me to custom-build unique soils with these ratios and proportions calculated to optimize nutrient uptake, maximize yields and produce a clean, effective, and superior product.

The Healing Power of Cannabis

The science and discipline behind living soil cannabis have hugely influenced my life. As a patient myself treating PTSD and depression, consuming high-quality cannabis soothes and relieves my symptoms. I have enormous empathy and respect for patients and veterans who consume cannabis to treat themselves. After years of hydroponic cultivation, I turned to living soil cannabis. The science of soil fascinates me. The complexities of nature and the endless information it offers holds such beauty—an ever-changing and evolving space to study and research. Its complexities mesmerize me. I have often been humbled by it, and while I help plants grow, they help me grow. Through the study of how cellular function and microbiomes work, I have been able to improve my own physical and health. I used to be severely depressed, overweight, and struggling to live life every day. This plant and its cultivation have brought abundance into my life, and I am incredibly grateful. It brings me true joy to help others, especially by assisting them to produce real medicine through real soil. I have had many restless nights after being inspired by concepts I’ve discovered have a place in soil sciences. The inspiration is exciting, fulfilling, and rewarding. This work is rewarding. 

A Journey from LA to Oregon

I am currently based in Oregon. An alliance with the ecosystem and climate in this area has allowed me to produce monster plants and sun-grown flower indistinguishable from indoor cannabis. I’m originally from Los Angeles but spent the best parts of my life practicing my cultivation under several mentors in Northern California and Southern Oregon. Here in Oregon, I run my small-scale farm and provide cannabis to patients and dispensaries. I am also breeding and selling my genetics line I’ve been working on for six years. The foundation of my line comes from a genetic I received in Northern California called Bluenite, a cross of DJ shorts blueberry on kryptonite, which is of unknown origins. This genetics was created and very popular in the area I was in. Since then, that entire area has completely burned down, and I do not know if the original cut exists anymore. I feel privileged to have the genetic line living within my seeds.

luna Whitcomb lunallday

Future Cannabis: The Allure of Terroir

Plants express their genetics differently in different soils and climates. The wine, coffee, tea, herbs, spices, and tobacco industries are perfect examples. Products from areas with unique soils and climates are highly sought after. This characteristic is called terroir. Terroir is the specific taste and smell that comes from the environment it was produced in. Connoisseurs and sommeliers alike know and understand this well. I believe terroir is the future of cannabis. Large-scale cultivators are consistently growing in uniform indoor environments in inert media using close to identical chemical nutrient regimens, and this has created a very consistent expression that is now the industry standard. Unique expression comes from unique soil compositions, biological profiles, and approaches outside of the techniques seen in large-scale cannabis productions. Teamed with quality genetics, you’re left with a product that sets itself aside from the rest. Something truly unique and enjoyable, this is what I’m here to help you achieve, uniqueness. 

Educating for a Greener Future

My goal is to teach people to grow thriving, vigorous plants through an understanding of nature and the life within it. I am not a woo-woo person; I am a science-minded individual that doesn’t follow dogma or someone else’s teachings. I study proven scientific concepts and integrate them into soil systems that thrive through an understanding of microbes, algae, nutrients, and cellular anatomy. Throughout my articles, I will teach you how to create nutrients from your surroundings, bring life to dead soil, boost plant vigor, prevent pathogens and diseases, integrate and attract beneficial insects and bacteria, use enzymes to release locked-up unavailable nutrients, harness organic acids, and phytohormones to stimulate growth phases, increase flavor and aroma of plants, as well as educate you on the principles of how and why all these concepts work. After following and reading my articles, you will have enough information to confidently go out and cultivate any plant for the rest of your life at peak health, a tool invaluable to everyone. Proper utilization of living soil can seem daunting and challenging, with many issues to overcome. Although, with a bit of patience and understanding, you can find yourself turning a black thumb green. Stick around and buckle up because the content of this information can change your life

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    I loved the intro. Can’t wait to apply these techniques. I have a question for anyone. As an indoor grower with 20 gal living soil. If I cultivate a land race from Colombia, or Hawaii. Should I use organic matter from that region for it’s specific compost? Therefore adding a dynamic range of organic acids to my soil?

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