Busted for ordering seeds online

Busted for Buying Seeds Online

Busted for Buying Seeds Online

If you have questions or hesitations about being arrested for buying seeds online, don’t worry – you’re not alone! Ordering seeds can be confusing, from knowing where what to order and how. This article will go over the legality of ordering seeds online, show some examples of people who have gotten busted after ordering seeds online, and how to avoid the same mistakes.

The Paradox of Ordering Seeds Online

Technically, it is illegal to transport marijuana or any of its derivatives like leaves or seeds over state lines under federal law. Marijuana is still a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substance Act, but legal states create a “seed paradox” to this law. Cultivators need to get started growing somehow, especially if their state is new to legalize. So, how are they supposed to get started? There is no other way than to order seeds, something that is increasingly happening online. Lawmakers have acknowledged this paradox and have even admitted that the laws surrounding cannabis encourage people to break them. This vague, legal grey zone is a common theme in the cannabis industry. Laws are outdated, and there is an unwritten “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy when it comes to getting started.

Risks of Ordering Seeds

In reality, the chances of getting busted for ordering seeds online are meager. According to online forums, the worst that has happened after ordering seeds online is instead of receiving their seeds, they got a letter informing them their package was confiscated. No police ever showed up to their doors or asked them to come to the station. Additionally, weight determines the charges with cannabis. Therefore, the punishment for possessing seeds would be incredibly low. A packet of seeds weighs next to nothing. These relaxed laws have created a sense of confidence and safety for people who order seeds and a consensus that seed confiscation ranks low on the list of offendable charges.

It’s Unlikely You’ll Get Arrested for Buying Seeds.

According to online forums, it’s almost unanimous – you can order seeds to your house using your name and by using your credit or debit cards. There’s no need to get money orders or pre-paid cards unless you want to. Some hesitant folks advise using a different name on the shipping address or shipping to another house than the one you’ll cultivate. However, this could pose more problems. What if you’re not home when the seeds get delivered, and you have to go down to the post office, and your name doesn’t match the name on the package? The best course of action is to order it like how you’d order anything else. Most inquiries about ordering seeds on online forums happened in 2016 or earlier. Since then, even more, states have legalized, and the attitude towards cannabis has lifted significantly. No one got busted for ordering seeds in 2019 or arrested for ordering seeds in 2020. Since then, the likelihood has decreased even more.

How to Avoid Getting Busted for Buying Seeds Online

The real risk happens once those tiny seeds are planted and become large, aromatic plants. The first step in growing is to check out the cannabis cultivation laws in your state. Most legal states allow residents to grow several of their plants in their homes. For example, in Alaska, Colorado, and Washington D.C., you can have enough seeds to have six plants going, three of them in their flowering stage. In New Mexico, you can have enough sources to have sixteen plants growing at one time. Some countries sell their seeds for “souvenir” purposes to avoid some legal hurdles. You can always order seeds as a souvenir or fishing bait or bird food from within the United States. Know the genetics of those seeds of the seeds you order. Essentially, always order your seeds from a reputable source where the genetics and quality are assured.

How to Buy Seeds Online

To avoid getting your package confiscated in the mail and confidently know what kind of seeds you’re getting, you’ll want to order from a reputable seed bank. At Greenpoint Seeds, we offer discrete, stealth shipping worldwide. With our reliable shipping and payment policy that accepts credit cards, cash, or bitcoin, you can confidently place orders. We offer a large selection of femininized and regular seeds of only the best available genetics with a 90% germination rate. Wherever you plant Greenpoint Seeds, they will grow, regardless of the scale of your operation or your growing experience. If you’re interested in getting started with your subsequent cultivation, Contact Us to learn more about the detail of our products and services. Do you have any stories about ordering seeds online? Comment to share your experience!
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