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Cherry Pie Strain

Cherry Pie Strain 

Cherry Pie is a popular clone-only cannabis strain that is packed with sweet, fruity flavor. This Indica-dominant hybrid combines F1 Durban and Granddaddy Purple to create a powerful cultivar that offers excellent bag appeal and a relaxing stone. This award-winning strain has earned a reputation among medical and recreational marijuana users for its rich aroma and euphoric effects.

Cherry Pie is believed to have been bred in the Bay Area of California by a grower known as PieGuy. This grower reportedly created Cherry Pie by crossing the classic Granddaddy Purple with a proprietary strain referred to as “F1 Durban.” The Cherry Pie strain was later popularized by Jigga and Berner of the famed Cookies Family. This strain has since become highly coveted among growers across the US.

True to its name, Cherry Pie offers a fruity fragrance reminiscent of a freshly baked cherry pastry. This variety smells of cherry, blueberry, and spices. The smoke coats the mouth with notes of pine and skunk, mixed with sweet hints of berry and cherry. This strain’s delectable terpene profile is one of its most prized characteristics.

Although Cherry Pie is an Indica-dominant strain, this cultivar offers a well-balanced high that is potent but not overly sedating. Users report that this strain may stimulate creativity and boost the mood while relieving stress. When smoked in excess, Cherry Pie’s Indica side becomes apparent, making the eyelids feel heavy.

Cherry Pie is fairly simple to cultivate; however, this variety performs best when grown in a controlled environment. Cherry Pie favors a mild climate with low humidity. Because of its bushy structure, regular pruning may be necessary to ensure optimal light penetration and airflow within the canopy.

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