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Runtz Strain

Runtz Strain

If you’re involved in the cannabis scene, you’ve probably heard of the Runtz strain by now. In just a few short years, this exotic hybrid of Gelato 33 and Zkittlez has taken the market by storm. Marijuana users can’t get enough of the cultivar’s mouthwateringly sweet flavor, balanced effects, and eye-catching bag appeal. This elite cannabis strain is the perfect choice for consumers who appreciate quality and want to enjoy a truly unique experience.

Runtz Strain History

Runtz Cannabis Strain
Runtz Cannabis Strain by star crash

The Runtz marijuana strain, hailing from Los Angeles, was bred in 2017 in a collaborative effort between the Runtz Crew and the Cookies Family. To create the strain, the breeders crossed together two award-winning cultivars—the ever-popular Gelato 33 and the delectable Zkittlez strain.

Until 2020, it was hard to source the Runtz strain outside of Southern California. However, the cultivar quickly garnered widespread attention and is now available in dispensaries throughout the United States. In fact, this exceptional hybrid was picked as Leafly’s Strain of the Year in 2020 and has been featured in cannabis publications around the globe.

Runtz Strain Info

Runtz inherited its elite qualities from both parent strains. This hybrid brings together the insane trichome production and striking color of Gelato 33 with the luscious terpene profile and stellar potency of Zkittlez.

Both Gelato 33 and Zkittlez are known for their amazing flavor profiles. When bred together, these two strains produce a cannabis cultivar that is incredibly sweet and scrumptious.

Runtz Strain Review

Runtz Marijuana Strain
Closeup of Runtz by GET MO

The first thing that users will notice about Runtz is its incredible aroma. This cultivar was bred to fully express Gelato 33’s sweet bouquet and Zkittlez’s fruity flavor. As a result, this strain has a delightful terpene profile that any cannabis connoisseur will love.

When smoked or vaporized, Runtz delivers a rich and sweet flavor profile, with notes of citrus, berry, and candy. The smoke is smooth and comfortable, so you won’t feel overwhelmed if you’re new to the cannabis scene.

When you consume Runtz, expect a well-balanced experience. The effects are relaxing and euphoric, but they won’t turn off your mind or put you to sleep. Rather, the strain is great for users who want to enjoy a balanced mood detached from everyday stressors.

Runtz has a THC content that typically reaches 24%, making it one of the most potent varieties around. Although Runtz has high THC levels, the strain can be used by both newbies and seasoned smokers. If you’re new to cannabis, Runtz has a soothing stone that won’t overwhelm you. And if you’re a heavy smoker or long-time consumer, this strain’s euphoric and relaxing effects won’t disappoint. Either way, the cultivar is an enjoyable experience for all cannabis consumers.

Growing the Runtz Strain

Although Runtz is one of the most popular cannabis strains on the market, it’s also notoriously difficult to grow. Take care when cultivating this strain, as it’s more sensitive to environmental stressors than many cultivars on the market.

This strain requires a highly controlled environment to reach its full potential. Providing the plants with a moderate climate, stable pH, and a nutrient-rich diet is essential to get the most out of Runtz.

Because this cultivar has thick stems and large leaves, some growers have trouble with mold during the wet season. If you are growing the strain in a humid region, consider buying a dehumidifier to keep the humidity levels in check.

On average, the Runtz cannabis strain should be ready for harvest in 9 weeks when cultivated under optimal conditions. This cultivar produces a below-average yield; however, growers can increase bud production by training the plants and providing a powerful light source.

Buy Runtz Seeds

The Runtz weed strain’s rapid rise to fame is no mistake. This elite hybrid of Gelato 33 and Zkittlez offers all of the fantastic qualities of both parent strains. Its sugary-sweet terpene profile, striking bag appeal, and well-balanced effects make Runtz a truly legendary cultivar.

Greenpoint Seeds offers several potent hybrids of Runtz. These seeds preserve the unique characteristics of the famed Runtz strain. Check out our Runtz seeds, and don’t forget to browse our entire collection of regular and feminized marijuana seeds.

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