The Best Cannabis Seed Banks in Colorado

The Best Marijuana Seed Banks in Colorado

As one of the first states in the US to legalize medical and recreational cannabis, Colorado has several marijuana seed banks. But not all of them have secure payment options, offer high-quality marijuana seeds, or provide fast and reliable shipping. To ensure that you have the best shopping experience when buying cannabis seeds, we have compiled a list of the best marijuana seed banks in Colorado.

Here’s our list of the best marijuana seed banks in Colorado:

  1. Greenpoint Seeds
  2. Hype Seeds
  3. Weed Guardian Family Tree
  4. High Altitude Seeds
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Greenpoint Seeds

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Located in Colorado, Greenpoint Seeds is a reputable seed bank widely known for selling high-quality regular and feminized seeds at exceptionally low prices. Our marijuana seeds are bred in-house by our expert team of cannabis breeders, ensuring that each strain has been tested thoroughly by numerous growers.

To make checkout convenient, we offer several secure payment methods to choose from. You can pay with debit or credit card, bank transfer, cryptocurrency, cash, or even Cash App. We also offer fast and discreet worldwide shipping, with free shipping on all orders within the USA.

Hype Seeds

Are you looking for a reliable Colorado seed bank with great cannabis genetics and quick shipping? Hype Seeds provides safe and secure worldwide shipping, with free delivery on orders over $100. They have exotic strains available from several top breeders, including Exotic Genetics, Irie Genetics, Sin City Seeds, and more. You will find a nice assortment of feminized and regular seeds in their online shop. The only downsides are that this seed bank has limited payment options and does not offer a germination guarantee.

Weed Guardians Family Tree

Weed Guardians Family Tree is a family-owned business with nearly 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry. This Colorado seed bank has a wide selection of cannabis seeds from many of the top marijuana breeders in the world. With worldwide shipping, guaranteed US delivery, and a great collection of cannabis seeds, we had to include Weed Guardians Family Tree in our list of the best marijuana seed banks in Colorado.

High Altitude Seeds

High Altitude Seeds is another great cannabis seed bank located in Colorado. Established in 2006, High Altitude Seeds has extensive experience breeding and selling high-quality cannabis seeds. This seed bank creates its seeds in-house and offers a 100 percent germination guarantee.

With its reliable and free shipping, nice selection of regular and feminized cannabis seeds, and 100 percent germination guarantee, High Altitude Seeds is a great Colorado seed bank to source your seeds.

Final Thoughts on the Best Marijuana Seed Banks in Colorado

Want to get marijuana seeds shipped to Colorado safely? Go check out any of the seed banks reviewed above. All of these seed banks have high-quality strains and convenient payment and shipping methods that make buying seeds a breeze.

Contact Greenpoint Seeds to learn more about our products and services. While you’re here, shop our wide selection of regular and feminized marijuana seeds.

What are your favorite marijuana seed banks in Colorado? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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