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How to Ship Cannabis Seeds

How to Ship Cannabis Seeds 

Can you ship cannabis seeds? The answer to this question is quite complex and depends on the laws of a given country. In most cases, if the of is lower than the acceptable limits of the region, transporting cannabis seeds in the mail is permissible. In this article, we’ll describe the regulations for shipping cannabis seeds in various regions. If you want to learn how to ship cannabis seeds, read on.

Please note that we are cannabis breeders and not lawyers. The information contained in this article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice on any subject matter. Also, be aware that cannabis laws are constantly changing, so this information may become outdated. Be sure to consult federal, state, local, and municipal laws before sending or receiving cannabis seeds.

Cannabis Seeds in the United States

With the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, hemp products containing less than 0.3 percent of restricted are no longer considered to be controlled substances. Because cannabis seeds typically contain only traces of, they can be shipped if they fall within the allowed limit.

Cannabis Seeds in Europe

The Trade of small quantities of cannabis seeds is permissible in Europe. Furthermore, the laws there allow businesses and individuals to ship cannabis seeds within the European Union only if the restricted does not go beyond 0.2 percent.

Cannabis Seeds Outside of Europe

International shipping of cannabis seeds is now permissible in many countries, including the UK, Australia, and Canada.

• In the UK, you can trade cannabis seeds comprising up to 1mg of the material per container.

• In Australia, you can trade and ship cannabis seeds with up to 0.005 percent of restricted content.

• In Canada, you have to follow the maximum amount allowed of cannabis in public (i.e., 30 grams), which is equivalent to approximately 30 seeds.

So, while shipping or purchasing cannabis seeds, you should always consult the regulations of both countries of delivery and collection.

How to Ship Cannabis Seeds Securely and Discreetly

Cannabis seeds are delicate and must be appropriately packaged to protect them from being damaged or exposed to moisture. If you want to ensure the viability of your cannabis seeds, use these procedures for packaging them:

• Place the seeds in an opaque, airtight bag to protect them from light and moisture.

• Use crush-proof containers to prevent the seeds from being crushed or damaged. You can use bubble wrap and other cushioning materials like crumpled paper and packing peanuts to protect the seeds further.

• Seal the box or envelope with enough tape to prevent it from opening during transit.

• To prevent the package from being confiscated during shipping, avoid labeling it with words such as “cannabis” or “cannabis.”

Which Cannabis Seed Bank Should You Choose for Safe Shipping?

Greenpoint Seeds LogoYou must find a seed bank that offers reliable, fast, and discreet shipping if you want to get your delivery on time. For this purpose, you should choose a seed bank that collaborates with a reputable shipping service. You should also choose a seed bank that offers to track your package so that you know the location of your seeds and the expected delivery time.

The packing method is also an essential concern when selecting a seed bank. Discreetly packing the seeds will help to prevent them from being seized during transport. And using crush-proof containers will guard the seeds against being damaged in transit.

At Greenpoint Seeds, we ship our seeds in airtight, crush-proof containers to prevent the seeds from being crushed or exposed to light and moisture. We also package them discreetly, without displaying words such as “cannabis” or “cannabis” on the packaging. We send the seeds using USPS mail with tracking so that customers know when their seeds arrive.

If you’re looking for a reliable cannabis seed bank to ship for you, Greenpoint Seeds is the way to go. We ship quickly and discreetly worldwide, and offer free shipping on all orders in the USA. 

Please contact us anytime to learn more about our products and services.

What are your thoughts on how to ship cannabis seeds? Let us know in the comment section below.

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