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Do European Cannabis Seed Banks Ship to the USA?

Do European Cannabis Seed Banks Ship to the USA?

When it comes to cannabis cultivation, we know that most growers enjoy having a diverse selection. And that might motivate them to purchase seeds from a variety of seed banks, including those outside of the USA. But do European cannabis seed banks ship to the USA?

This article will discuss whether European seed banks ship to the USA, and provide recommendations for those that offer high-quality seeds and great customer service.

Can you Buy Cannabis Seeds in USA Online?

It’s a tricky topic whether it’s allowed to purchase cannabis seeds in the USA. Cannabis is officially an illicit drug in the United States, making it unlawful to buy or plant cannabis seeds under federal law.

In practice, though, state law dictates if you can buy and grow your own cannabis. People can grow their own cannabis for recreational use in states such as California, Alaska, Colorado, and Massachusetts.

However, keep in mind that most jurisdictions have restrictions on how much cannabis you can cultivate and other conditions. It is important to check your state’s laws before buying cannabis seeds online.

Please remember that even if your state does allow cannabis cultivation, your cannabis seeds might be confiscated by customs if you buy from a European seed bank.

Therefore, if you plan to buy cannabis seeds from European seed banks, it is a must to choose a seed bank with stealth shipping and guaranteed delivery options.

With all of that out of the way, here is the list of European cannabis seed banks that ship to the USA:

• Seedsman
• Attitude Seed Bank
• Herbies Seeds


Seedsman is a renowned global supplier of cannabis seeds and one of the most reliable European seed banks shipping to the United States.

Seedsman sells seeds worldwide and ships them to the United States discreetly; however, it may take several weeks for your order to arrive. Seedsman seed bank has a long history of cannabis seed sales and strong credibility. You can buy from them with confidence.

Aside from its stellar reputation and reliable shipping, Seedsman is known for its extensive seed library. This seed supplier has approximately 3000 cannabis, featuring seeds from 65 prominent producers.

Attitude Seed Bank

Attitude Seed Bank is one of the world’s largest cannabis seed banks, with scores of cannabis seeds from various well-known breeders. You can even find cannabis-related merchandise, such as clothing, tote bags, etc.

This seed bank has a discreet and guaranteed shipping option that can be applied to your order at checkout. This will ensure that your package arrives unscathed, or they will replace the order. For those in the US, it is highly recommended to select this shipping option.

Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds is a big contender in the European cannabis business, particularly in the global cannabis industry. This seed bank distributes worldwide and has a solid reputation for providing great customer service and high-quality seeds.

Herbies supplies a wide range of cannabis cultivars, including regular, feminized, and autoflower varieties. You will undoubtedly find that suits your needs.

The best part about shopping at Herbies is that this seed bank offers a satisfaction guarantee. They provide safe, stealthy delivery to the USA and worldwide and will resolve any issue you may run into.

The Takeaway—Buy From a US Seed Bank!

Greenpoint Seeds LogoWhile you can buy cannabis seeds online from European seed banks, you may be waiting around for weeks, only to find out that your seeds have been confiscated in transit. By shopping at a US seed bank, you’ll get your seeds much faster and more securely.

Greenpoint Seeds is a US seed breeder and supplier that provides fast, discreet shipping worldwide. We also provide free shipping on every order within the USA. When you buy from us, you can rest assured that you’ll have top-quality cannabis seeds delivered to your door quickly and reliably.

Contact us for more details about our shipping policies.

Also, leave a comment below and share your picks for the best European seed banks that ship to the USA. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Buy Cannabis Seeds in the USA

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