The History of US Cannabis Seed Banks

The History of US Cannabis Seed Banks

Have you ever wondered about the history of US cannabis seed banks? With the legalization of recreational cannabis in several states, numerous cannabis seed banks have set up shop around the country. But when did the first legal stores to purchase cannabis seeds open their doors?

Keep reading to learn more about the early days of US cannabis seed banks and the businesses that pioneered this industry.

Archive Seed Bank – One of the First US Seed Banks

In 2011, one of the first cannabis seed banks in the USA, Archive Seed Bank, opened in the Pacific Northwest. The company was founded by a legendary cannabis breeder known as ThaDocta, who wanted to provide a safe and secure place for people to purchase cannabis seeds.

The team at Archive Seed Bank received much acclaim for their variety of Face Off OG hybrids. These seeds yielded plants that possessed many of the traits of the famed OG Kush phenotype. Later, ThaDocta released a line of Do-Si-Dos hybrids that proved to be even more popular.

Archive Seed Bank is still active today and offers a premium selection of exotic cannabis seeds. This US seed bank offers a collection of over 90, many of which are award-winning-caliber cultivars. The team at Archive Seed Bank is committed to providing the best possible customer experience.

Greenpoint Seeds – Over a Decade in the Cannabis Industry

Greenpoint Seeds LogoFounded in 2014 by Gu, Greenpoint Seeds is one of the oldest and most respected cannabis seed banks in the United States. The company started when Gu moved from Florida to Colorado, where the cannabis community and retail scene were thriving. Gu quickly began gaining a following on several internet forums after sharing his detailed grow diaries, which included an arsenal of cannabis seeds and clones.

Greenpoint Seeds first made a name for itself when it produced a variety of Monster Cookies hybrids and, later, an assortment of Polar Bear OG crosses. However, it was after the release of their Stardawg hybrids when the seed bank became one of the most esteemed in the industry. These seeds are still available today and offer big yields of grade-A buds that reek of Chemdawg.

Greenpoint Seeds is known for its high-quality cannabis seeds and exceptionally low prices. This US seed bank offers a rotating stock—something other seed banks do not typically provide.

The Future of Cannabis Seed Sales in the US is Here

The recreational cannabis industry is booming in the United States. The of recreational cannabis has led to the birth of many new cannabis businesses, including seed banks. The industry is rapidly evolving, and the future of cannabis seed sales looks bright. With so many new companies entering the market, it can be hard to decide which one to trust.

Here are some of the more recent seed bank openings in the US:

Neptune Seed Bank

Neptune Seed BankNeptune Seed Bank, based in Long Beach, carries a wide range of cannabis seeds from top breeders in the nation. It also has in-house such as:

• Black Cherry
• Garlic Fusion
• Double Kush.

Some of the breeders at Neptune include:

• Alchemy Genetics
• Archive Seed Bank
• Mass

These are only a few breeders that Neptune Seed Bank works with, so you may find others you know.

Great Lakes Genetics

Great Lakes Genetics is a US cannabis seed bank based out of Michigan. It offers a wide range of cannabis seeds from breeders across the globe, including Cosmic Wisdom Seeds, Shoreline Genetics, and Tarantula Genetics.

Great Lakes Genetics offers lots of promotional sales, fast and reliable shipping, and friendly and knowledgeable staff. This seed supplier is a fantastic source of high-quality cannabis genetics.

Final Thoughts on the History of US Cannabis Seed Banks

Although cannabis seed banks in Europe have been around for decades, only recently have they started popping up in the United States. Cannabis breeders such as Gu and ThaDocta are pioneers in the industry, paving the road for other seed banks to set up shop in the US. Archive Seed Bank and Greenpoint Seeds have been in the industry for many years now and have proven to be reliable sources for top-quality cannabis seeds.

Feel free to contact Greenpoint Seeds with any questions about our products and services. While you’re here, check out our complete collection of regular and feminized cannabis seeds.

What are your thoughts on the history of US cannabis seed banks? Let us know in the comment section below.

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