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The Importance of Seed Banks in the Cannabis Industry

While many people appreciate the hard work growers and breeders do to cultivate cannabis, not many recognize the importance of seed banks in the cannabis industry.

Seed banks do far more than simply sell cannabis seeds to growers. They promote genetic diversity, preserve rare, support other businesses in the industry, and much more. Let’s check out what else they do to help growers cultivate awesome cannabis.

Seed Banks Make Specialized Seeds

Cannabis growers know that the cultivation process takes time and effort.

Many cannabis seed banks help growers by feminizing seeds, which lowers the chances of yielding male plants. In a typical grow, most seeds produce 50 percent male offspring and 50 percent female offspring. Once it is evident that plants are male, they must be tossed because only female plants grow rich flowers. Instead of wasting half their effort growing male seeds, growers can maximize their yield using feminized seeds.

Seed banks also offer autoflower cannabis seeds, which begin flowering regardless of the light cycle. This helps growers save time, money, and effort on each plant.

Cannabis seed banks simplify the growing process by offering feminized and autoflowering seeds, which ensure that growers get more bang for their buck in a shorter period of time.

Seed Banks Preserve Old-school

Without seed banks, growers would not have access to the incredible genetics that make cannabis cultivation such a fascinating hobby.

Seed banks have preserved the genetics of old-school cannabis such as Durban Poison and Afghani. With their “pungent, gassy fragrance,” like Sour Diesel have made huge contributions to the current cannabis gene pool. The phenos and hybrids of these classic cultivars are award-winning favorites, so preserving their elite genetics is a no-brainer.

Cannabis has experienced exponential change due to innovations in growing and breeding. Bud grown in 2022 looks a lot different than bud grown in 1972 – and even from that grown in 2010. Preserving the genetics of classic and landrace is essential to keeping the cannabis gene pool diverse.

Seed Banks Encourage Genetic Diversity

Aside from preservation, seed banks also contribute to the industry by promoting genetic diversity. They buy seeds from a wide variety of breeders and make them available for growers around the world to cultivate. This means that growers now have access to cannabis genetics they otherwise may never have come across. It also means that breeders now have access to thousands of to create new and unique hybrids.

For commercial growers, access to a wide selection of diverse is a necessity. Customers want new flavors, bold colors, and a diverse range. Providing what your customers want is essential to making your cannabis grow worth the effort.

Seed Banks Help Support Other Cannabis Businesses

Seed banks are the backbone of the cannabis industry. They help cannabis breeders by reselling their seeds and spreading the word about their work. They support large-scale commercial growers by offering big discounts on wholesale seed purchases. Finally, they help recreational growers by giving them access to a wide variety of affordable and high-quality seeds.

Greenpoint Seeds: More Than a Seed Bank

Greenpoint Seeds LogoAt Greenpoint Seeds, we are both a breeder and a seed bank. We have a large collection of rare, clone-only, and elite that we use to make our diverse selection of regular and feminized cannabis seeds.

For cannabis growers, Greenpoint Seeds provide access to a wide selection of unique at great prices. You’ll find feminized hybrids crossed with Animal Cookies and Purple Punch, as well as regular seeds bred with our renowned Stardawg male. We empower growers to cultivate top-notch cannabis with our diverse selection of seeds, excellent customer service, and the best prices in the industry.

Contact us for more information on Greenpoint’s American-bred cannabis seeds.

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