The Best Cannabis Seed Banks With Feminized Seeds

The Best Cannabis Seed Banks With Feminized Seeds

Over the last few decades, feminized seeds have become widely popular in the cannabis industry. Growers appreciate how easy and convenient it is to grow seed-free buds when using feminized seeds. Although regular seeds are still highly prized among breeders, most growers opt for feminized seeds to produce high-quality sinsemilla.

Many cannabis seed banks offer feminized seeds, but how reliable are they? Since you put a lot of effort and investment into cultivating cannabis, getting your seeds from a reputable source with high-quality genetics is crucial. To simplify your seed-buying journey, we’ve compiled a list of the best cannabis seed banks with feminized seeds.

Here is our list of the best cannabis seed banks with feminized seeds:

1. Greenpoint Seeds
2. United Seed Bank
3. Seedsman
4. North Atlantic Seed Co.

Greenpoint Seeds

Greenpoint Seeds LogoFounded in 2014, Greenpoint Seeds is committed to providing excellent feminized and regular cannabis seeds. We boast a wide range of feminized seeds bred with elite cultivars such as Animal Cookies and Purple Punch.
Every Greenpoint strain is developed in-house by our highly experienced cannabis breeders. This gives us complete control over the quality and viability of our seeds. You can be sure you’re getting authentic, American-bred genetics when you buy from us.
We also offer free shipping to US customers and a loyalty program in which you can earn in-store credit for future purchases. And if you are a rookie farmer, you’ll want to check out our blog because we have detailed guides on growing cannabis.

Why Green Point Feminized Seeds?
• A wide range of feminized strains is available
• Super reasonable prices
• Excellent loyalty programs
• User-friendly website

United Seed Bank

United Seed Bank

United Seed Bank is a US-based seed supplier that offers a wide selection of premium feminized seeds. They sell feminized seeds from only the best cannabis breeders, including Katsu Seeds, Solfire Gardens, Sin City Seeds, and many others.

In addition to feminized seeds, United Seed Bank also offers regular seeds and rare, elite clones. You can sign up for their VIP membership to get free shipping, extra entries into giveaways, and access to exclusive strains.

Why United Seed Bank Feminized Seeds?
• Diverse selection of top-tier feminized seeds
• World-class breeders
• Fast US shipping
• VIP membership includes additional benefits


Seedsman Logo

If you’re seeking the best selection of feminized cannabis seeds, then Seedsman is the one. Seedsman is a huge seed bank that offers more than 1500 strains. They have one of the most extensive collections of feminized cannabis seeds available, with strains from over 70 distinct seedbanks. You’ll find feminized seeds from reputable breeders such as Brothers Grimm, CannaVenture Seeds, and Sensi Seeds.
In addition to feminized seeds, they offer regular and autoflowering seeds from many well-known breeders. Their website features a strain finder option to search for seeds based on desired traits such as high cannabinoid content to make the buying process simple.

Why Seedsman Feminized Seeds?
• Wide range of feminized seeds
• Global shipping
• Covert packaging

North Atlantic Seed Co. 

North Atlantic Seed Co.

North Atlantic Seed Co. is a female-owned cannabis seed bank located in Maine. As a US-based seed bank, they have access to some of the best American-bred feminized seeds available. They sell feminized seeds from top cannabis breeders such as Cannarado Genetics, Crockett Family Farms, and Exotic Genetix. They are committed to offering only seeds that produce potent, high-yielding, and vigorous plants.

In addition to feminized seeds, North Atlantic Seed Co. also offers regular and autoflowering seeds to add some variety to your garden. With their freebies and promotional sales, you can get great prices on their high-quality feminized seeds.

Why North Atlantic Seed Co.?
• A wide range of feminized strains
• Fast US shipping
• Lots of freebies and promotional sales

Final Thoughts on the Best Cannabis Seed Banks With Feminized Seeds

While many cannabis seed banks offer feminized cannabis seeds, finding the best seed supplier can be difficult. Before starting your grow, it is essential to source high-quality seeds from a reputable seed bank. By choosing any of the seed banks listed in the article, you’ll be one step closer to achieving your best harvest.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our feminized seeds. While you’re here, check out our complete collection of feminized and regular cannabis seeds.

And also, don’t forget to let us know what you think about the best cannabis seed banks with feminized seeds in the comments section.

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