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Best Cannabis Seed Banks with Regular Seeds

The Best Cannabis Seed Banks with Regular Seeds

The ever-increasing popularity of cannabis has led to the establishment of many seed banks offering regular, feminized, and autoflowering cannabis seeds. While feminized seeds have dominated the market in recent years, many growers choose to cultivate regular seeds.

Unlike feminized seeds, which yield female-only offspring, regular seeds produce both male and female plants. Cannabis breeders especially prize regular seeds as they make it easy and affordable to breed cannabis plants. Some growers believe that regular seeds offer greater genetic stability and are less prone to hermaphroditism, though this is debatable.

If you’re interested in breeding just like the idea of growing regular cannabis seeds, this article is for you. We’ll discuss the best cannabis seed banks with regular seeds and provide some insight into each seed supplier.

Here’s our list:

  1. Greenpoint Seeds
  2. Seedsman
  3. Herbies Seeds
  4. Neptune Seed Bank
  5. D.C. Seed Exchange

Greenpoint Seeds

Greenpoint Seeds Logo

Are you looking for some of the best varieties of cannabis seeds? Greenpoint seeds have got your back. We are a cannabis seed bank based in Colorado that offers excellent prices on high-quality cannabis seeds. 

We’ve been breeding regular seeds for many years and have created some of the most sought-after varieties in the world. You’ll find a diverse collection of regular and feminized seeds at our seed bank, bred with elite cultivars such as Stardawg, Animal Cookies, and Purple Punch. With our promotional sales, Reverse Auctions, and rewards program, you can get huge discounts on our seeds. 


Seedsman Logo

Seedsman is one of the most popular cannabis seed banks in the industry. It sells seeds of more than 1500 different cannabis and ships all around the world. You’ll find regular seeds from many esteemed breeders, as well as feminized and autoflower seeds. 

You can get great deals on regular seeds with their promotional sales and rewards program. They also offer discreet shipping to ensure your order arrives at your door. If you’re looking for a hefty selection of regular seeds, Seedsman is a great choice.  

Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds is another excellent seed bank that provides incredible offers and gifts every time you order from them. They guarantee to provide temperature-controlled, fresh, and inspected seeds with a germination guarantee. Their products are sent in protective packaging with safe and discreet delivery. Like Seedsman, Herbies Seeds offers a wide selection of regular seeds, as well as feminized and autoflower seeds to choose from. 

Neptune Seed Bank

Neptune Seed Bank

Neptune Seed Bank is one of the top seed suppliers in the US and works with some of the best cannabis breeders in the industry. This seed bank has an excellent selection of regular seeds from a wide array of elite. 

Neptune Seed Bank has weekly deals in which you can get great prices on regular seeds. They also release new frequently, so check in often to see what’s new. 

D.C. Seed Exchange

D.C. Seed Exchange is another US-based seed bank that has an incredible selection of regular seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflower seeds. You can find regular seeds from world-renowned breeders such as DJ Short, Tonygreen’s Tortured Beans, and Mosca Seeds. 

According to D.C. Seed Exchange, they work with only the most reputable breeders who have authentic, stabilized cannabis that produce optimal results. When you order from this seed bank, you can be sure you’ll get a high-quality product. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Cannabis Seed Banks with Regular Seeds

Whether you’re a grower or a breeder, regular seeds are a great choice to find new phenotypes and create your own seeds. At any of the seed banks mentioned in this article, you’ll find a nice selection of regular seeds that are of the highest quality. 

Contact us to learn more about our products and services at Greenpoint Seeds. 

What are your picks for the best cannabis seed banks with regular seeds? Let us know in the comment section below.

Buy Cannabis Seeds Today

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