1987 Hash Plant Strain

The 1987 Hash Plant strain, also known as Skelly or Puck, is an old Indica cultivar that has circulated throughout the United States for decades. This strain, originating in Crested Butte, Colorado, during the late 1980s, is said to have been selected from a pack of Hash Plant seeds from the Seed Bank of Holland. Since its inception, Puck has been a favorite of Indica fans around the country.

The Seed Bank of Holland’s version of Hash Plant is a backcross of the original PNW Hash Plant strain from the US. The breeders crossed this strain with a Northern Lights #1 male and then used the progeny to pollinate the PNW Hash Plant once more. From those seeds came the renowned 1987 Hash Plant.

1987 Hash Plant = PNW Hash Plant x PNW Hash Plant/Northern Lights #1

This strain is short and bushy, with robust stems and broad fan leaves. Its dense, trichome-encrusted flowers emit a bouquet of damp soil, pine, and exotic spices. Medical and recreational marijuana users enjoy its exceptionally relaxing and numbing effects. If you like hard-hitting Indica strains, this is the one for you. It’s a classic cultivar that won’t soon be forgotten.

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