Screaming OG Strain

The Screaming OG strain, also known as Screamin’ OG, is a fantastic representation of OG Kush genetics. This Indica-dominant variety was developed by crossing Tangerine Amnesia with Ghost OG and then backcrossing the offspring one more time to Ghost OG. The resulting cultivar produces all the hard-hitting effects that OG Kush is known for with an added cerebral kick from the Tangerine Amnesia.

Screaming OG = Ghost OG x Ghost OG/Tangerine Amnesia

True to its name, this is one loud strain. The flowers are loaded with terpenes, combining the traditional lemon-fuel zest of OG Kush with sweet-and-sour notes of ripe tangerine and fresh herbs. When breaking apart the dense, sticky buds, distinct notes of gasoline, soil, and citrus emerge.

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