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Triangle Kush Strain

Triangle Kush is a legendary Indica-dominant strain that has been charming cannabis users for decades. This clone-only cultivar, said to be a cross of Emerald Triangle and Hindu Kush, originated in Florida during the early 1990s. It soon became a phenomenon around the world, cherished for its robust, earthy flavor and deeply soothing effects. It may be an old-school strain, but it’s still one of the most potent and flavorful varieties around.


Triangle Kush is one of the most storied cannabis cuts on earth. This phenotype is said to have been named after three cities in Florida that are famous for their cannabis production—Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa.

Triangle Kush’s story began with Origins TK, or OTK, a young cannabis aficionado who lived in South Florida. During the 1980s, OTK developed an interest in surfing, and soon, he started associating with fellow surfers who also were passionate about cannabis. In 1990, one of OTK’s surfer friends introduced him to a grower in Central Florida known as the Governor. This grower appreciated OTK’s love of cannabis and asked the young surfer to work for him at his grow operation. OTK enthusiastically agreed and moved to Central Florida to work for the Governor.

The Governor’s operation was remarkably elaborate for the time, but he cultivated only a few varieties of cannabis. OTK wanted to expand their offerings, so he traveled to Amsterdam to seek out new strains. OTK purchased more than $10,000 worth of seeds from The Seed Bank of Holland and brought them back to the Governor.

While test-growing the new seeds, OTK came across some exceptional Hindu Kush phenotypes. He brought these plants to the main grow room and put them next to the Governor’s cherished cultivar, known as Emerald Triangle.

A few months later, OTK was harvesting the plants when he noticed that one Hindu Kush female had turned hermaphroditic and had pollinated the Governor’s Emerald Triangle plants.
Within the batch of seeded flowers, OTK’s friends discovered Triangle Kush— one of the most celebrated strains in the world.


Triangle Kush is believed to be a cross of Emerald Triangle and Hindu Kush. Emerald Triangle was a renowned cultivar that was distributed throughout Florida during the 1990s; however, little is known about the origin and pedigree of this strain.

Hindu Kush is a pure-Indica landrace strain that originated in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Nevil Schoenmakers brought this cultivar to Amsterdam and inbred it for several generations, optimizing it for indoor cultivation.

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