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Jungle Boys

Jungle Boys is a cannabis lifestyle brand and dispensary based in Los Angeles, California. This collective of growers is known for producing some of the dankest weed on the West Coast, always prioritizing quality over quantity. Jungle Boys’ founder Iván Vanorwick said in an interview with High Times Magazine:

“At the end of the day, quality control is first and foremost for us, you know? The flower we grow is the most important to us. We started out as growers; we weren’t cannabis store operators. We’ve always been growers.”

In addition to being top-notch growers, they have also bred many exceptional cannabis strains. Their hybrid of Topanga Pure Kush and Sweatband, known as Topanga Canyon OG, is a prime example: This strain oozes potency and emits a rich aroma of pine, gasoline, and citrus.

Sadly, their dispensary was raided by law enforcement and The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration in early 2022. Despite this setback, the company remains hopeful for the future and continues to produce some of the West Coast’s finest cannabis.

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