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Top Dawg Seeds

Top Dawg Seeds is the leader of the pack when it comes to premium cannabis genetics. Founded in New York City by breeder JJ NYC, this seed company has built a rock-solid reputation for making some of the best Chemdog strains available in seed form.

JJ has been a leader in the cannabis industry for many years. In an interview with High Times Magazine, he said:

“I was always in the loop since around ’92. I was getting the flower since 1992, but I didn’t start growing it until I got the Chem D cut from Chem Dog himself. I got the Sour Diesel sometime in around 2000-2001 then traded it to Chem Dog for the Chem D.”

Top Dawg Seeds is best known for its legendary Stardawg line of seeds. To create the Stardawg strain, JJ crossed the Chem 4 cut with a male Tres Dawg, producing a cultivar that embodies all the prized qualities of Chemdog.

At Greenpoint Seeds, we work with JJ’s renowned Stardawg strain to create a wide range of marijuana seeds. Our carefully selected Stardawg male is famous for producing hardy, high-yielding hybrids that are exceptionally potent. Shop our Stardawg seeds today.

Customer Reviews

Kevin says:


Perfect transaction! Seeds as described. No males, quick to grow

2024-02-24 18:49:38 February 24, 2024

Jeffrey C. says:


Best prices

2024-02-24 16:26:18 February 24, 2024

Cesar D. says:



2024-02-24 12:09:03 February 24, 2024

John B. says:


Fast, discreet service!

2024-02-24 11:46:05 February 24, 2024

Anonymous says:


Best customer service experience ever!!

2024-02-23 16:35:11 February 23, 2024

David A. says:


Fast shipping, love that you get a free bonus seed in every order.

2024-02-22 20:14:58 February 22, 2024

Jessica says:


Greenpoint Seeds offer many great strains for great prices. Checkout is easy, shipping is always fast. I receive the amount of seeds I'm supposed to, and they sprout with no issues.

2024-02-22 14:08:45 February 22, 2024

Phillip Brinkley says:


Quick and fast

2024-02-22 12:00:12 February 22, 2024

John Bonnette says:


Hassle, free ordering and delivery process. Smash proof containers. Awesome got one extra seed in each of my two containers. Thank you Greenpoint.

2024-02-21 01:48:21 February 21, 2024

Anonymous says:


Good genetics and excellent options

2024-02-20 22:38:19 February 20, 2024

Luis Hoyos says:


Always good fast service.

2024-02-20 19:38:39 February 20, 2024

Anonymous says:


Another good strain currently in flower

2024-02-19 09:08:37 February 19, 2024

Anonymous says:


Fast delivery , good packaging

2024-02-18 20:59:42 February 18, 2024

Anonymous says:


Excellent seeds 6 weeks into grow

2024-02-18 19:58:40 February 18, 2024

Leon says:


great seeds! 8 of 10 were female! They got 4 weeks to go!

2024-02-18 17:52:52 February 18, 2024