Tres Dawg Strain

Tres Dawg Strain

Tres Dawg strain is a perfect example of a balanced hybrid strain providing the benefits of both sativas and indicas. This cannabis gained a reputation quickly and won an award at the Cannabis Cup. It is famous for its content, which induces pleasant in some users.

About Tres Dawg

Despite its rather odd name, this cannabis strain has a humble beginning. A breeder in a New York apartment developed this brand of cannabis from the popular Chemdawg strain, that breeder was Top Dawg Seeds. Top Dawg Seeds is also credited for using the popular Afghani #1 to cross to the Chemdawg.

Tres Dawg means three dawg – as in uno, dos, tres. It reference the amount of times the chem/affy was crossed back to the chemdawg.

Things get more interesting when it comes to the aroma of the Tres Dawg strain. The rich smell of citrus that lingers for a while when the buds break open does little to cover the characteristic diesel smell of the strain.

Users with a soft spot for the smell of diesel would appreciate the corresponding diesel flavor of this cannabis strain. They may also notice a tinge of citrus and tangy spice as well but may find it a little challenging to pinpoint the favor profile.

If the flavor is somehow challenging to lay a finger on, the appearance leaves nothing to doubt. Sporting a beautiful purple coloration, the leaves and buds of this plant are intensely green. It appears sticky, and the surface of the buds boast of a little resin, while a fair amount of trichomes complete the picture. Essentially, this strain of cannabis cuts the image of a lovely plant.

Growing Tres Dawg Strain

Cannabis growers looking to try this strain can find its seeds online easily. Since it is a resilient plant, it can grow both indoors and outdoors without challenges. Experienced growers often prune away some of the unnecessary leaves to achieve better bud production.

Tres Dawg takes about 7 to 9 weeks to mature when it grows indoors. Cultivators can expect to harvest about 14 ounces per square meter. Tres Dawg needs plenty of space to grow, so planters have to ensure they have enough room for its growth and cultivation.

It’s no secret that this strain of cannabis, with a of between 20% and 25%. It’s one of the most users can find in dispensaries. However, the potency means that novices would have to look elsewhere if they are looking for recreational cannabis.

Naturally, cannabis rarely contain much CBD. Tres Dawg lives up to this expectation, with a paltry 0.1% CBD content.

Benefits of Tres Dawg

This strain of cannabis has both recreational and benefits for users. People can use it recreationally to achieve a pleasant feeling of euphoria, which lasts for quite a while.

Medicinally, this strain can help with the symptoms of some conditions such as depressions, frustrations, and negative thoughts. It can also help with symptoms of PTSD, but users have to consult their physicians for tests to ensure it can work for them.

Tres Dawg is also a good option for those people suffering from chronic pain because it can help patients fall asleep quicker at the end of a painful day. It induces a feeling of calmness but does not knock patients out, so their bodies can relax and wind down for the night.

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