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Terphogz is a well-known group of cannabis growers and breeders based in Northern California. This company, founded by Tony Mendo and Green R Fieldz, is pushing the limits when it comes to breeding and extraction, creating some of the most sought-after cultivars and products in the industry.

Terphogz is famous for developing the award-winning Zkittlez strain. This Indica-dominant cross of Grapefruit and Grape Ape has quickly become one of the most popular worldwide, coveted for its fruity terpene profile, vigorous growth.

Since its inception, Terphogz has created an extensive catalog of top-tier hybrids, including Zmoothie, Melon Brainz, Z3, and many others. In addition to developing new genetics, this company produces flowers, extracts, edibles, and other premium cannabis products.

At Greenpoint Seeds, we use the renowned Zkittlez strain to create a variety of unique crosses. Shop our Terphogz seeds today, and check out our entire collection of regular, feminized, and autoflower seeds.


Customer Reviews

Ramon G. says:


On point

2024-04-17 08:50:24 April 17, 2024

chris myers says:


super fast delivery i love website wish more photos and grow tips for finicky strains were listed along with THC and CBD levels listed also love the seed archive .

2024-04-17 06:43:29 April 17, 2024

Cary M. says:


It was a joy to peruse the website. Communication was great! Delivery without a hitch.

2024-04-16 21:17:16 April 16, 2024

patrick says:


They are a great place to buy seeds from The work just as they are made to do lol

2024-04-16 15:53:33 April 16, 2024

Brian says:


Growing very well, scrog net because they stretch, purp/pinkish stems, smells so sweet. Have grown slurricane in the past so was reason why i got these to run. Very happy so far, pics on discord.

2024-04-16 15:08:36 April 16, 2024

Anonymous says:


Very fast delivery

2024-04-16 14:48:47 April 16, 2024

Jimmy says:


Free tester seeds to grow. as always go GPS.

2024-04-16 14:09:13 April 16, 2024

Chris Navarre says:



2024-04-16 03:22:19 April 16, 2024

Patrick A. says:


Top notch company all round, service, quality and supply all ‘A’ graded

2024-04-16 00:32:05 April 16, 2024

Jeffrey C. says:


I love reverse auctions

2024-04-15 21:56:06 April 15, 2024

Ramon G. says:


Always on point

2024-04-15 11:18:41 April 15, 2024

Nick says:


Your seeds almost always pop and grow in to beauties. These grew shorter than expected, but nice sized buds. Definitely a potent strain.

2024-04-14 02:52:32 April 14, 2024

Anonymous says:



2024-04-14 02:16:35 April 14, 2024

Anonymous says:


Good service and nice deals here

2024-04-13 20:16:10 April 13, 2024

Michael says:


Really good service

2024-04-13 17:15:28 April 13, 2024