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Tahoe OG Strain

The Tahoe OG strain is a mainstay at nearly every dispensary in the United States. This unique phenotype of OG Kush offers a robust, earthy-and-citrusy flavor, hard-hitting, and exquisite bag appeal. Its potent, sedating, and soothing make this cultivar a favorite among and recreational cannabis users. This Indica-dominant strain is truly one of the finest representations of the famous OG Kush cultivar.

Origin of Tahoe OG

Tahoe OG traces its heritage to the original OG Kush, also known simply as Kush, perhaps the most popular strain of all time. The story of OG Kush started in 1992, when Alec Anderson, a grower in southern Florida, bought an ounce of a particularly potent variety, which was labeled “Krippy.” Alec immediately fell in love with the strain and its potent, dense and frosty nugs, and its gassy, earthy flavor.

Alec found some seeds in the ounce of the Krippy and decided to sprout them. One of the phenotypes that he grew was truly special, and he chose to keep clones of it. Later that year, Alec shared a clone of this phenotype with his friend, Matt “Bubba” Berger, and Matt’s group of growers in the Gainesville, Florida, area. One of Matt’s friends remarked that the flowers looked like “kushberries,” and the name “Kush” stuck.

Throughout the early 1990s, this group of growers held the Kush tightly, and few people were lucky enough to try it. In 1996, Josh D, a grower in Los Angeles, California, persuaded Matt to bring a clone of Kush to California and get involved in the cannabis industry. Matt took a clone of Kush and a phenotype of Northern Lights, referred to as “Bubba,” and headed west.

Josh and Matt built a small grow room in Silverlake, California, and started growing the Kush. Demand was both immediate and strong, so the growers expanded their operation to include several grows throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando area.

Eventually, Josh gave clones of the Kush to two of his friends, and they began spreading it throughout California. Soon, many people were claiming to have a cut of the Kush. To distinguish theirs as the original phenotype, Josh and Matt began referring to their cut as “OG Kush,” or “Ogers.”

One phenotype of OG Kush, known as Tahoe OG, was popularized by Swerve of The Cali Connection. This cut features denser buds and a more compact structure than most Kush phenotypes.

Tahoe OG Lineage

The lineage of OG Kush is unclear. Some believe it is an S1 of Chemdawg because it shares some of the Dawg’s gassy, earthy qualities. Others believe that the strain may be a hybrid of Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush, which would account for its lemon flavor and Kush-like growth structure.

The parentage of Tahoe OG is also unclear. Matt Berger has said that it probably is an original cutting of OG Kush, but it bears some clear differences from the original phenotype. As a result, many believe it to be an S1 of OG Kush, or perhaps an OG/Afghani hybrid.

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CitySlicker from gu... There's one major problem with this strain.. Choosing a keeper!!! Has been on of the hardest culls I've ever had to do started with 22 seeds, 21 popped, a few died off at the beginning (my fault, equipment malfunction) I ended up with 14 healthy plants, 6 males (of which 4 could've been studs, STINKY STINKY in veg i could smell them from outside thats after 2 carbon filters) then you had the female plants... WOW.. just wow.. excellent colours, frost and sturdy plant/flower structure.. and most of all it has an epic high especially the more stardawg leaning phenos, giving the gelato the potency it deserves... I'm not really a fan of anything related to cookie but getting the stardawg in there, really helped bring in some potency and legs to the epic high.. The vigour, the structure and ease of growth, on top of fire potent flower, epic yeilds, 10/10 bag appeal and the bonus of a really pretty grow room come harvest time makes city slicker a total winner in anyone's book.. I can't wait to get into the f2s.. oh my!! grown in totally natural living dirt.. More Nd much better pics and videos to follow

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