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Loompa Farms

Loompa Farms is a well-known cannabis breeder located in the high mountains of Northern California. Loompa has been a part of the cannabis industry for many years and has established himself as a reliable source for top-quality cannabis genetics. Over the course of his career, he has created numerous hybrids that are cultivated by growers around the nation.

This breeder gained widespread notoriety within the cannabis scene for his unique cut of Headband, also known as Underdawg OG. Loompa had acquired this strain from an undisclosed source in the early 2000s, and distributed it around dispensaries throughout California. It soon became a hit among growers and users around the state, who cherished its rich, earthy flavor similar to that of the legendary OG Kush.

Loompa’s Headband serves as the bedrock of his seed company. The breeder has used this clone-only cultivar to create a wide range of crosses, including Harambe, Foo Dawg, and many others.

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