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Skunk House Genetics

Skunk House Genetics is a Michigan-based seed company that is bringing the funk back to the cannabis gene pool. Established in 2005 by Skunkmasterflex, this breeder has created a litany of fan-favorite cultivars. If you enjoy savory marijuana strains such as GMO and Larry OG, Skunk House won’t disappoint.

In the early 2000s, Skunkmasterflex noticed that there wasn’t an adequate representation of the OG Kush strain in seed form. As a result, he set about creating his own OG Kush inbred line. After nearly a decade of backcrossing and testing, he completed his Larry OG F8 project—a stable line of seeds that carry all the prized traits of Larry OG.

In addition to creating a reliable line of OG Kush seeds, this breeder is also credited with discovering one of the most coveted clone-only strains in recent years: GMO. While growing some Chem Cookies seeds from Mamiko Seeds, Skunkmasterflex came across the GMO phenotype, also known as GMO Cookies, or Garlic Cookies.

Skunk House Genetics has used Larry OG and GMO to produce a wide range of crosses, including Han Solo Burger, Modified Banana, and the popular Donny Burger strain. These hybrids have become a hit around the nation for their rich flavors and blisteringly potent effects.

At Greenpoint Seeds, we use Skunkmasterflex’s clone-only cut of GMO to create a variety of skunky, funky crosses. Shop our GMO seeds today.